Is 40 Too Old To Become a Wrestler? | Reasons To Try Wrestling

One of the roadblocks for a person who wants to start wrestling is their age. It is common to hear comments about being too old to begin wrestling. While it is true that we can’t reverse aging, being a wrestler is different. So, is 40 too old to become a wrestler?

40 is not too old to start wrestling since wrestling is for all ages. To start wrestling at 40, you only need to finish at least one year of training and three years of independent training. If matching against younger people is an issue, there are also age classes in wrestling where you can compete in.

In this blog post, we will talk about the reasons why trying wrestling in your 40s might be a good idea. Furthermore, I will give some examples of famous wrestlers that started wrestling at an old age. Finally, we will explore how friendly wrestling is for the older generation plus, reasons to try wrestling.

Is 40 too old to start wrestling?

Wrestling has superior training and is suitable for all ages.

Numerous wrestlers started late and won the WWE championship, including the following:

  1. Steve McMichael at 38
  2. Professor Tanaka at 37
  3. The Boogeyman at 40
  4. Rico Constantino at 40
  5. Diamond Dallas Page at 35

These are only examples, and there are many more wrestlers who started late.

And if it is in your blood and you start it at an early age. Then, you don’t have to visit the college practice room and consider the place your starting point.

You can join a wrestling club and practice until you learn the basic steps or moves.

Generally, wrestling is a sport with no age limit; and wrestling is fun.

Many successful superstars fall into the 26-39 age group.

If you want to start at 40, you need at least one year for training and then about three years to develop your skills independently.

Also, at 40 you can compete in age class or open class.

In this way, you will be able to compete with wrestlers of your age.  If you experience harsh enough, you can wrestle young men.  

What age is too late to start wrestling?

Wrestling can be practiced at any age since there is no age limit. Furthermore, there are age classes in wrestling, so it is possible to play the sport against people with the same age group. However, if you dream of joining the WWE, WWE development stated that the newcomers must be under 30.

Concerning wrestlers, middle-aged boys and girls come into the sport at around 20 years old.

College students or others, who are also involved in another profession, won’t take a break until around 25, excluding others.

Those who want to take wrestling as a passion can start wrestling in 15 or even earlier.

As I discussed above, there is no age limit for wrestling.

Indeed, some superstars here make many achievements and reach the peak of the hills, but they started their careers decades ago, mainly from a young age.

But recent research reveals, WWE development stated that the newcomers must be under 30. So it means 30 is the maximum age to fall in wrestling now.

Can you start wrestling at any age?

You can start wrestling at any age since there are no age limits to wrestling. That means you can begin wrestling in your 40s or 50s since the sport is friendly to all age groups. Furthermore, people as young as 3 or 4 years old can also start taking wrestling classes.

Everyone has their ideas about the best age to start wrestling for them or their kids.

But in general, experts suggest that you can start wrestling about four or five.  

This is because, at a young age, your mind is similar to a sponge.

The brain can take up a lot of information and quickly pick up all the rules and basics in wrestling at a young age.

They will also learn to respect their opponent and ensure that they don’t do anything that may lead to physical harm.

Remember that wrestling is not about wild power or pain, which is taught at a young age.

Wrestling at an early age requires an athlete to develop two skills, including willpower and discipline, which are very useful for building a child, especially at such a young age.

And if the five-year-old is trained in these two skills, no one can stop them from reaching the top as they grow older.

To become a wrestler, the young athlete works hard for practice and must perform in wrestling competitions.

They must be trained to maintain them.

In addition, they have to assemble the willpower to raise after dropping the mat thousands of times.

Another important thing for a collegiate-style student or Greco-Roman adult or child is a nice pair of wrestling shoes.

Reasons to become a wrestler

You should consider wrestling because wrestling develops personal responsibility and is also an excellent way to develop athletic skills. Furthermore, wrestling is a sport that brings different cultures together, which means it is a good way to make new friends.

There are numerous reasons, but I have mentioned here only a few of them.

1. Wrestling Develops Personal Responsibility

Mainly, wrestling is a combat sport that develops your interpersonal skills; it makes you responsible such as no one else.

Whether a wrestler succeeds or loses is entirely up to him, he can’t blame anyone.

They are responsible for weight gain and their training.

In short, they learn to be responsible for everything.

There are team tournaments and double competitions where each superstar performs.

However, if things are going out of the superstar’s way, his team members can’t take steps to tag him out.

In that situation, he needs to be ready to play every match.

2. Wrestling Teaches Discipline

To be disciplined is the top priority in wrestling if you want to be successful.

Such as a wrestler can’t come to practice at any time they want.

Otherwise, they will not be completely prepared for the competition.

Wrestlers can’t compete in days when they only feel like having one.

Moreover, Wrestlers have to be more discriminating with the help they render toward other people.

If a wrestler is undisciplined in any of his endeavors, it can be devastating down the road when he shows unprepared or untrained for the competition.

3. Wrestling Brings Different Cultures Together

Another primary reason is that this sport brings different cultures people together.

Although the competition is stern, many wrestlers can see their competitors’ past and where they’re from.

For instance, if a wrestler travels to different cities worldwide, people can be familiar with his cauliflower ears and identify that he is a wrestler.

4. Wrestling can Build-up Basic Athletic Skills

Wrestling requires a lot of physical control.

Jumping, throwing, or running is not enough to be good at wrestling.

In the sport, the wrestler must bring into play their neck, arms, back, legs, and everything they can do to win the match.

The main part of good wrestling practice is to shimmer in the warm-up.

Many people recognize the importance of children’s registration or sign-up for gymnastics.

On the other hand, numerous are unaware that many gymnastics and tumbling movements are elements of wrestling practice.


So I discussed which age you can fall in wrestling, which period is too late for becoming a wrestler, and reasons to fall in wrestling.

As I mentioned above, there is no age limit for wrestling.

You can even join in 40 after getting training and developing your skills, and you can also participate at the age of 3.

Trying wrestling is all up to you. So I hope this piece of information will prove very effective for you.

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