About the Author

Hi, I’m Jason

I’m the author of the website.

You see, I made this website because I love martial arts. However, it was lost because of well.. Life.

I have been doing martial arts ever since age 8. I studied Taekwondo and loved it! But actually, I did not pursue it because of schoolwork.

As that happened, I forgot about Martial Arts. No kidding. I focused on working and studying. I just forgot about it. You can call that a lost passion.

However, there came a time when I was introduced to it again via a martial art called Arnis. It has been excellent and is like reliving my child wanting to learn self-defense.

This happened in early 2021; due to this, I decided to give the love back to Martial Arts.

This is mainly for the fantastic community. Everything I learn about martial arts will be posted here for people seeking information to look around the internet.

As for my martial arts training, I’ve tried multiple martial arts, but I am an orthodox-style boxer who does infighting and outboxing depending on the situation.

My favorite boxing move is Ricardo Lopez’s ghost jab which became one of my specialties.

I also learned kicks from Taekwondo, but my current moves lie more in Muay Thai.

I do Wrestling for Takedowns and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Ground fights.

My main moves for submitting my enemies on the ground are RNC, Triangle Choke, Arm Locks, and Kimura.

I plan to share my sparring sessions on the World Combatives YouTube channel so stay tuned!