Jeet Kune Do: is it Dangerous?

Jeet Kune Do is becoming one of the popular martial arts. The reason is that it is a martial art that focuses on just two things which are Efficiency and Respect. When talking about efficiency, JKD is a martial art that focuses on finding the best forms. Thus, many wonder how dangerous JKD really is.

Jeet Kune Do is dangerous since it is a martial art that combines all the effective moves from other martial arts. It stayed away from traditional martial arts and focused on the most effective forms. However, Jeet Kune Do is also a philosophy of life that promotes humbleness and wisdom.

Since you already know that JKD can be dangerous as a martial art, there are still some answers that need to be answered. One of which is if it is dangerous to the one practicing it. We would also answer that in this article so stay tuned.

Is Jeet Kune Do Dangerous?

Learning Jeet Kune Do is not dangerous. While it may have some series of exercises, training, and sparring, you will always be guided by a qualified instructor. They would make sure that your forms are perfectly fine which prevents injuries. Plus, they don’t match you up until you’re ready to prevent unwanted injuries.

First of all, I would like to note this.

If you’re here because you think that JKD is dangerous to learn, it’s not true.

The reason I included this is that being dangerous can mean two things. One is for the user and another is the martial art itself.

Let me answer its danger to its user first.

Jeet Kune Do is actually not dangerous to learn since you will be learning with a qualified instructor.

They would make sure that your forms are well which prevents unnecessary strain. Thus, it prevents injuries.

Furthermore, most if not all will not force you into sparring sessions until ready.

Another is that they won’t just teach you the martial art but also the philosophy of being humble.

One of which is to prevent unnecessary fighting. In fact, they are against using their martial art against any form of cruelty.

Now, let’s discuss JKD’s danger as a martial art.

Jeet Kune Do is a martial art that allows its practitioner to select any style which is the basis of modern MMA fights.

Furthermore, it is a martial art that uses Bruce Lee’s knowledge and skills he got from multiple martial arts. That’s why Bruce Lee’s most dangerous fighting style was Jeet Kune Do.

Thus, this made Jeet Kune Do a very flexible fighting style that only chooses the best forms and moves. It is basically finding effective movements rather than relying on traditions.

As I said, there is no absolute standard in fights when using JKD. As they always say “be like water”.

The reason is that Bruce Lee is the man who excelled among many things in life not only as a martial artist, but also as an actor, a philosopher, and even a ballroom dancer.

Although he had achieved many successes, he was humble and kind and preferred to let his body speak. That is why even if JKD’s moves are really dangerous and effective, JKD is also a martial art that promotes humbleness.

According to Post magazine, Bruce Lee’s first martial arts training took place at the age of 16, from street fighter to Wing Chun practitioner.

Wing Chun agreed on effective self-defense rather than brute force. Master Practitioner Lo Man Kam said that it’s not about fighting, it’s about avoiding fighting, if you don’t fight, you can’t lose.

In a more practical sense, Wing Chun Concepts describes the style as specializing in hand-to-hand combat with fists and grips.

This would be the basis of Bruce Lee’s fighting style, Jeet Kune Do.

Instead of rigidity, he advocates fluidity and individuality, believing that labels and rules become the bonds that limit intelligence and ability.

Therefore, although JKD uses all forms and means to fulfill its purpose, it is not dependent on anyone and is therefore free.

Because being a free martial art and allowing only the best forms from other martial arts, JKD became a very strong and dangerous martial art to face.

However, it still depends on the intensity of your practice or training.

As with all martial arts, what matters is your will to learn.

If you are a beginner wanting to learn JKD, I actually have an article for you to see the benefits if you chose to try Jeet Kune Do: Is Jeet Kune Do a Good Martial Art to Learn?

Jeet Kun Do was a martial art created by Bruce Lee because he didn’t believe in martial arts styles and believed that their technique won’t be perfect.

That’s why it is a martial art that keeps evolving through time.

This constant evolution of JKD makes it ones of the most effective martial arts.

If you’re looking for another effective martial art, I also suggest Jiu-Jitsu which is a good grappling martial art. You can find an article I’ve made about BJJ here: Is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu useful?

Is Jeet Kune Do Deadly?

Jeet Kune Do is quite deadly because it consists of only the best moves from other martial arts. Furthermore, since it is only focused on being effective, it has moves that aren’t allowed in other sports. However, JKD is a martial art that involves the philosophy of peace.

I don’t want to start a fight with a JKD practitioner. However, I also know that JKD practitioners are kind in nature.

While they have moves that are quite dangerous and not allowed in some sports, they are a type of martial art that instills the philosophy of peace and being humble.

This is what makes them different from other martial art.

For example, one of their philosophy is: “if you don’t fight, you will not lose.”

This implies that they are training to be strong, if there is a way to avoid fighting, they would choose that.

Furthermore, their founder Bruce Lee is always focused on teaching his students to be humble no matter what.

Although in Jeet Kune Do, all parts of your body would become deadly weapons, this doesn’t mean that a JKD practitioner would just force fights. 

If I may comment, they are quite pacifists since philosophy is being taught alongside fighting.

Even if they have blows to the toes, elbows, choking, and choking, they won’t do it unless it is for self-defense.

As you can see, because Jeet Kun Do was a martial art created by Bruce Lee, he knows that values are much more important than strength.

That’s why the philosophy of harmony and not fighting is always involved in their training.

So what I mean is that JKD can be as deadly as the stylist wants. It focuses on effectivity so it has moves that are illegal to other martial arts. But don’t worry since it is a martial art that also teaches discipline and respect to others.

If you are training specifically for self-defense. I believe Jeet Kune Do is good martial art to consider and their focus on workouts to strengthen your muscles is a huge plus.

Is Jeet Kune Do Effective?

Bruce Lee created Jeet Kune Do for street-fighting, But there are few tricks that I’ve been shown to make it very effective in MMA.

The first is evolution, which is their concept of using what is the most effective and changing what doesn’t work.

Due to its effectivity-focused nature, Bruce Lee borrowed a lot of moves from various martial arts. However, he only chose the best ones.

Through time, his martial art evolved which became different from Wing Chun which he learned when he was young.

One this I would want to note is the focus of JKD on strikes.

Jeet Kune Do means “taking your fist,” which was Bruce Lee’s ideals when it comes to fighting.

JKD was a successful martial art in which Lee caught his fists in a head-to-head competition with other martial arts to learn from them and win.

For more information on how effective JKD is, here is an article I’ve made: Is Jeet Kune Do Effective?

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