BJJ: Can it toughen your body?

When trying martial arts, one of the questions people often ask is if it can toughen their bodies. This is also true when people start Jiu-Jitsu. Jiu-Jitsu looks different from other martial arts in the sense that it is rare to see some sort of striking in the sport. That’s why people have some questions if it really toughens a person up.

Does BJJ toughen you up? Jiu Jitsu or BJJ has the ability to toughen up your body by being a tough martial art. This martial arts consists of multiple drills, exercises, and rolls to make your muscles and mind stronger. Thus, through time, you will get stronger and tougher.

However, what specific things does BJJ toughen up? In this article, we would discuss more on the topic and you will see the specifics. It is not enough to say that it toughens you up, we need to know specifics on what it really strengthens. So, let’s start.

Does BJJ Toughen you up?

A martial artist expert in BJJ needs both mental as well as physical toughness to actually claim the tidal of a BJJ expert.

To perform skilled actions during play not only requires body fluidity but also equally the presence of mind to apply BJJ techniques accurately.

So, BJJ does toughen you up. BJJ is concerned with building intelligence and strategic faculties in the mind in order to overpower the opponent.

Every action must be quick and performed quickly before your opponent has an opportunity against you. This is where your toughness comes in.

Following are the ways BJJ toughens you up:

  1. Body Toughness
  2. Mental toughness
  3. Flexibility
  4. Critical thinking

Body toughness will be discussed separately in the next section. Rest are as follows:

Mental Toughness

Transitioning quickly, changing your stance, tricking your opponent, and overpowering him all require a strong mind.

BJJ allows you to think ahead of the actions of your opponent.

It is not a game from minute to minute move. It means you need all the strength of your mind. Only working out in such a challenging environment as BJJ can allow you to develop such a skill.

Exercise moves and counter moves to counter the action of your opponent is what BJJ is all about. It engages the mental faculties completely within the limited time to practice and discipline your capabilities to achieve expertise.

As you practice BJJ every day or at least 2 to 3 times every week means your mind is becoming tough with each passing day.

For more information on how many times should you train to achieve optimal results, here is a link for you to read: How often should a beginner train in Jiu Jitsu?


Some would say flexibility and toughness are two distinct things.

However, these are only two sides of the same coin. You need to be tough but flexible so that you can learn better. Through the practice of BJJ, the physical powers enhance and flexibility becomes higher.

Flexibility without any doubt is the most wanted aspect of any martial arts. The only fact that BJJ increases flexibility makes it one of the finest martial art forms.

Adapting quickly to changing situations is what flexibility is and if one has mastered this trait he can master anything in life.

This quality also improves your overall performance as a sportsman not only in martial arts but at all levels even outside sports.

This includes boxing and Kung Fu too. The advancement in flexibility also puts you in a better position than your peers.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking skills are important in building arguments to something as little as judging your position in Jiu Jitsu. Once you keep practicing this to overcome the opponent, your mind becomes trained in the best critical thinking skills.

This is mainly because when you are under training, you are put through different obstacles.

These obstacles help to think quickly and efficiently, to apply all senses to solve the problem. It’s like solving a puzzle and how it helps you to improve your critical faculties.

That is why BJJ is also known as Human Chess.

How BJJ toughens you up?

BJJ is a complete set of demanding work out. If you practice it religiously it helps discipline you and enhance your mind, body, and spirit. Training in BJJ helps toughen up your entire body system through practice and technique.

This is exactly how it helps in developing the toughness required in a trainee.

Does BJJ Make you stronger and ripped?

BJJ makes you both stronger and ripped because of the various drills, rolls, and exercises BJJ has to offer. These exercises would make you stronger in the long run. Furthermore, the exercises help you burn more fat which makes you ripped.

Mind and soul are important in BJJ however, building the body strength cannot be denied as the most important part of BJJ.

Strength is not only gained but developed and channeled into the play against an opponent. It is as mentioned previously, a very high-intensity workout. Naturally, such a workout will help make you stronger physically.

BJJ is best known for the ability it gives to a weak practitioner in order to overpower a strong or physically large opponent.

Techniques and experience do help but they are incomparable to bodily strength. So more the muscle more easily you get your opponent to give up.

I have made a more detailed article on the topic of building muscles with BJJ. I know that if you’re interested in this topic, you would also be interested to check that out. Here is the link: Does Jiu Jitsu Build Muscles?

So to answer that, BJJ does make you physically stronger too through right body weight and muscular form.

BJJ is also an excellent sport whose toughness goes beyond the body.

The benefits are multiple and way too many to list.

It is definitely a man’s game and all boils down to bodily strength as well as an improved mind. Gaining spiritual enlightenment in the process is totally a by-product.

Go into it just now if you wish to be better at thinking and strength.

BJJ the Technique Builder

Jiu-Jitsu or BJJ is often termed as the gentle arts as it can be mastered by any person, belonging to any gender, age, or size group and they can later defend themselves from opponents who are stronger and bigger.

Everything can be done only by technique. So it’s the martial arts for which your physical size isn’t significant rather your technique matters.

Here, the focus of your training is technique and it wouldn’t be wrong to say if you wish to master BJJ your goal must be technique learning.

This, in turn, helps to improve your mental capabilities and analytical thinking skills. Once you get the training you will figure out in days that it is no different than giving an IQ test or playing a game of chess. Interesting isn’t it?

So BJJ toughness doesn’t only come from mental and physical toughness but from technique building too!

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Welcome to my recommended list of Jiu-Jitsu gear.

In this section, you are going to see my recommended Jiu-Jitsu gears both for beginners and pros.

Grappling Shorts

When getting some grappling shorts, you first need to understand that the thing we are looking for in grappling shorts is the ones that will provide flexibility.

This means that we are not looking at designs but what we are looking for is how comfortable it is and if you can do a full range of motions while wearing the shorts.

If that’s the case, I recommend an IBJJF approved grappling short which has no pockets that can interfere with rolls, and most importantly, allows a full range of motion. This can help you in rolls since you need to have fluid motions to do some maneuvers.

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Grappling Spats

Grappling spats are a great alternative to Grappling shorts and are sometimes used in conjunction with Grappling shorts.

The reason for using a Grappling spat is to prevent friction.

Remember that BJJ is focused on rolls, locks, and takedowns. This is prone to friction that can cause injuries such as burns and mat cuts.

In choosing a good pair of grappling spats, you need to take note that it is important that it is also flexible so you can easily do some full-range motions while rolling.

Furthermore, since you will be covering your whole legs with it, it is important for it to absorb some sweat while still being comfortable for the wearer.

If that’s the case, I recommend these Grappling Spats which are very stretchable making them good for fluid motion. Furthermore, it is well made to handle friction which prevents any unwanted injuries.

Lastly, its cloth is breathable which means that it is very comfortable for your skin.

Here is the link for the product: Grappling Spats


Think of a rash guard as the grappling spat for the upper body.

Rashguard helps in preventing friction that can cause injuries such as mat cuts and burns.

When finding one, it is important to find a comfortable rash guard which is breathable. Furthermore, have one that allows a full range of motion.

Thus, I recommend this rash guard which does all of the functions I’ve said: Rashguard

Knee and Elbow Pads

Personally, I am a victim of a knee injury. That’s why I always tell people to use knee and elbow pads when doing some physically intensive activities such as BJJ.

Because of my injuries, I can’t really last long with any sort of long physical activity.

So, while it is often neglected, I believe that Knee and Elbox pads are important.

Good Knee and Elbow pads are supposed to be comfortable while still providing maximum protection to both your elbows and knees.

Thus, I recommend these safety gears:

Ear Protectors

There are lots of cauliflower ear incidents with BJJ practitioners.

Even if this is quite an unpopular safety gear, it is important as we are preventing friction that can come from rolls.

In choosing an ear protector, you do not need to get something that protects you from strikes. Striking is usually not allowed.

So, what’s important is to find something that is very lightweight and protects you from friction.

If that’s the case, then you may opt for this which is really useful and won’t look weird on rolls: Ear Guards


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