Can Your Body Get Used To Jiu Jitsu?

When beginners start training Jiu Jitsu, most will be surprised on their first week of training. In their first week of training, most would probably feel some soreness in their body due to physical stress. Thus, a lot of people are actually questioning themselves if Jiu Jitsu is for them. This article will actually talk about if your body can get used to Jiu Jitsu.

Does Your Body Get Used To Jiu Jitsu? Your body gets used to Jiu Jitsu the more you do it. The reason is that Jiu Jitsu uses physical and mental strength like any other sport. Thus, your body and mind get used to it naturally through time. However, the time needed to get used to or adjust to the sport depends on a lot of factors.

Being tired and sore is completely normal but it is not surprising that a lot are giving up in their first few weeks. Thus, I want to give you some information that would motivate you to continue training. Let’s start.

Does Your Body Get Used To Jiu Jitsu?

Jiu Jitsu is a form of martial arts so it requires lots of exercise.

The principle of exercise is the same for all: muscles get used to all the physical activity after a while. Jiu-jitsu demands hard work.

If you practice for a month at least three times every week, only after that you will be able to see differences in your physical composition.

Plus, slowly, you would notice that you’re not as tired as you initially were a few weeks back.

So it is safe to say that your body will eventually get used to BJJ after at least one month of hard training. This is only about the physical state.

There is more to explore in the exercise. Below are some of its impacts on body, mind, and social. Let’s Take a look.

Impact Of Jiu Jitsu On Body

As mentioned earlier, BJJ is a demanding physical activity so naturally, after such a high intensity works out you tend to burn body fat. This changes your body composition as you appear leaner with a strong muscular frame.

Not only is it a workout for muscles but it affects the heart and lungs as well. In the beginning, as your muscles try to follow the routine due to which they start aching.

Muscular cramps are very common because of a lack of exercise over an extended period of time.

Another part that will be affected is your skin and fingers which also get toughened up. BJJ definitely makes your body sturdier than any other sport.

If you train properly, rest, and eat properly, you can get used to this martial art form in a maximum of two months and a minimum of one month.

Impact of Jiu Jitsu On Mind

It is rightly said that a sound mind rests in a sound body.

Hence, if your body is in good shape and being taken care of, your mind will automatically be at peace.

The BJJ training brings with it immense confidence.

This confidence allows a person to work at a challenging task. An obstacle can be thrown at you and you will appear to tackle it with extreme vigor in no time. Especially if it’s a physical task.

More than often it happens that you start seeing things from a BJJ perspective. You might not feel it right away but your eloquence and problem-solving abilities will be drastically improved.

As Jiu-Jitsu puts you in difficult positions during its training, you become accustomed to thinking quickly about your next action. This in turn helps to improve your critical thinking abilities for future decision making.

This not only comes in handy during sports but all spheres of life.

In addition to this, a study shows its beneficial effects in detail. It reveals that practicing Jiu-Jitsu twice a week results in the mood improvement, frustration release and helps overcome anxiety. What else can you wish for?

Impact of Jiu Jitsu on Social Life

As sports are a way to unify people coming from multiple ethnic backgrounds, BJJ also offers unification despite political, religious, or racial differences.

However, as taking down an opponent in sports is a crucial part of Jiu Jitsu, the principles of comradeship and respect are held in higher esteem than any other aspect of the training.

If you opt for an academy that is professional and expert you will get the family-like warmth from it.

They deliberately do this to make you feel at home and have a sense of belonging. Even if you are not so good at the game this feeling of belonging will help you cope up with initial hurdles and allow you to stay for the longer innings.

The everyday practice with people your age will make you some warm friends. These will stay in your life no matter what because you will train together and go through hardships together.

Such friendships are unmatched and remain with you for the rest of your lives.

How Long Does It Take To Get Used To Jiu Jitsu?

For beginners, it would usually take a month or two of continuous practice to get used to Jiu-Jitsu. The reason is that you need to constantly practice the forms in order for you to get used to the sport. Furthermore, it takes time for your muscles to get used to the amount of physical stress it brings.

Your body gets used to Jiu-Jitsu within a month or two maximum.

The reason is that as with all sports, the body needs time to get used to the sport.

When I started practicing Taekwondo, my body was sore for a week or two. After that, my body got used to the exercise.

However, the recovery and adjustment are quite faster because I am still young and in my 20s. That’s a different story if you’re practicing at an older age.

Getting very good at Jiu-Jitsu is different as it will roughly take 10 years.

You can become a professional trainer after that. However, never forget that if you train with extreme discipline and hard work you can achieve high levels of expertise in the game.

The reason is simple, the 10-year rule is actually the time it takes to get a black belt in the sport.

If you’re interested in knowing more about BJJ Black belts and how strong they are, feel free to check out this link: Are BJJ Black Belt Dangerous?

Does BJJ Ruin Your Body?

BJJ can ruin your body since it is a competitive sport that needs a lot of physical activity. This is especially true if you’re not being careful and study the moves or forms correctly. That’s why it is important to learn the basics and if possible, wear some safety gear especially on rolls.

In all honesty, the likelihood of having injuries from BJJ is only about 1% (0.92%). This has been reported by the Orthopedic Journal of Sports Medicine.

Also, if you learned how to properly use the forms and moves, the likelihood will significantly decrease.

I also recommend you to read this article so you’ll have some idea of the danger and how to avoid injury while practicing Jiu Jitsu. Here is the link: Does Jiu Jitsu Ruin Your Body? How to Avoid Injury.

BJJ is a highly competitive and healthy exercise so there is no reason to believe that it can harm your body.

People who actually get harmed also have some sort of medical history. Muscular pain is common but if it lingers for more than 2 months you might want to see a physician.

Other than that, it is highly recommended for staying fit and keeping or mind sharp and at peace.

Final Verdict

So to sum it all up, your body can easily get used to Jiu-Jitsu provided you don’t leave the practice after the initial painful days. It will get easier as time passes and your body will become accustomed to this healthy exercise every day. Try it out for yourself and have a healthy body experience today!

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Welcome to my recommended list of Jiu-Jitsu gear.

In this section, you are going to see my recommended Jiu-Jitsu gears both for beginners and pros.

Grappling Shorts

When getting some grappling shorts, you first need to understand that the thing we are looking for in grappling shorts is the ones that will provide flexibility.

This means that we are not looking at designs but what we are looking for is how comfortable it is and if you can do a full range of motions while wearing the shorts.

If that’s the case, I recommend an IBJJF approved grappling short which has no pockets that can interfere with rolls, and most importantly, allows a full range of motion. This can help you in rolls since you need to have fluid motions to do some maneuvers.

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Grappling Spats

Grappling spats are a great alternative to Grappling shorts and are sometimes used in conjunction with Grappling shorts.

The reason for using a Grappling spat is to prevent friction.

Remember that BJJ is focused on rolls, locks, and takedowns. This is prone to friction that can cause injuries such as burns and mat cuts.

In choosing a good pair of grappling spats, you need to take note that it is important that it is also flexible so you can easily do some full-range motions while rolling.

Furthermore, since you will be covering your whole legs with it, it is important for it to absorb some sweat while still being comfortable for the wearer.

If that’s the case, I recommend these Grappling Spats which are very stretchable making them good for fluid motion. Furthermore, it is well made to handle friction which prevents any unwanted injuries.

Lastly, its cloth is breathable which means that it is very comfortable for your skin.

Here is the link for the product: Grappling Spats


Think of a rash guard as the grappling spat for the upper body.

Rashguard helps in preventing friction that can cause injuries such as mat cuts and burns.

When finding one, it is important to find a comfortable rash guard which is breathable. Furthermore, have one that allows a full range of motion.

Thus, I recommend this rash guard which does all of the functions I’ve said: Rashguard

Knee and Elbow Pads

Personally, I am a victim of a knee injury. That’s why I always tell people to use knee and elbow pads when doing some physically intensive activities such as BJJ.

Because of my injuries, I can’t really last long with any sort of long physical activity.

So, while it is often neglected, I believe that Knee and Elbox pads are important.

Good Knee and Elbow pads are supposed to be comfortable while still providing maximum protection to both your elbows and knees.

Thus, I recommend these safety gears:

Ear Protectors

There are lots of cauliflower ear incidents with BJJ practitioners.

Even if this is quite an unpopular safety gear, it is important as we are preventing friction that can come from rolls.

In choosing an ear protector, you do not need to get something that protects you from strikes. Striking is usually not allowed.

So, what’s important is to find something that is very lightweight and protects you from friction.

If that’s the case, then you may opt for this which is really useful and won’t look weird on rolls: Ear Guards

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