How much is a wooden dummy?

One of the most important aspects of good Wing Chun training is the wooden Wing Chun dummy. While you can practice Wing Chun without a dummy, Mook Yan Jong wooden dummy is actually good as a solo Wing Chun training partner. Getting a dummy for Wing Chun training at home can help you get going. So, How much is a wooden dummy?

In general, the average price of a wooden dummy considering all price factors is $520.67. This data came from pooling some data of the prices of wooden dummies from the cheapest to the most expensive ones and then averaging their cost.

Now that you know the average price of a wooden dummy, we now have to discuss the various factors that affect the price of each wooden dummies. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Factors That Affect the Price of Wooden Dummy

The Wing Chun Dummy is a wooden dummy that is used as an exercise to practice attack and defense techniques in Chinese martial arts and is used in some styles of Kung Fu in southern China.

It is a good practice material especially if you’re practicing alone. However, this dummy comes with a price.

For example, it can be very expensive to buy or ship from China that is custom-tailored for you as it can be as high as $2,500 in some cases.

So, what makes people wonder is that how can wooden dummies get so expensive.

In this section, we are going to discuss the factors one by one. Furthermore, if you’re interested in knowing more about why these dummies are really expensive, then I have an article for you. Here is the link: Why are Wing Chun Dummies so Expensive?

For now, here are some factors that affect the price of wooden dummies or Mu Ren Zhuang.

1. Size of the Dummy

The Wing Chun wooden dummy is the best training partner and an amazing factor When it comes to individual training.

Learning the subset of wooden mannequins to transfer actions to a real person is one of the most fascinating parts of Wing Chun.

As with a real training partner, dummies also have different sizes.

The larger the dummy is, the more material is needed to make the dummy which increases the price.

Furthermore, it can get heavier and bulkier which leads to more shipping costs.

2. Wooden Dummy Material 

Wooden dummies can be made from the wood of the equipment. 

Good wooden dummies use Teak as their wood. The problem is Teak is a unique wood and can get expensive.

Some also use Southern Pine as its wood which is also used for high-quality dummies.

However, keep in mind that getting teak and southern pine is getting harder and harder. Thus, their price just gets higher.

Thus, there are also cheaper wooden dummies that use elmwood.

For other low-budget materials, there are also PVC or wooden pipes.

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3. Replacements, Repair and Maintenance

One of the rookie mistakes, when they had their first wooden dummy, is that they should not use 100% of their force when practicing.

Some new professionals may not yet understand the concepts of position and structure and may cause damage to the arms and/or legs.

Breaking an arm or leg of a wooden dummy would cost you a lot in repair costs.

There is also the material and service fee which drives the cost if you break the item.

Remember that it is not about breaking the mannequin but it is about practicing the skills you’ve learned.

4. Brand Name

Holzquelle and Zimmermann brands can range from $1,999 to $3,000.  Also, finding a teak mannequin for under $2,500 is quite rare.

The rule is simple, the more reputable the brand is, the more expensive the cost of the wooden dummy.

I am not saying don’t buy from a reputable company. What I’m saying is that buying from them comes with a premium cost which might really be worth it since most of them are very attentive to quality.

5. Shipping

Here’s the problem, wooden dummies are usually bulky and heavy because of their materials.

Thus, their shipping cost is actually high.

Furthermore, a good shipping company would charge a premium for proper handling of these wooden dummies since they can be a bit fragile on transport.

It is important to know that the general rule is that the more bulky and heavy an item is, the more expensive its shipping cost. Wooden dummies are no exception.

How much does it cost to build a Wing Chun dummy?

The average cost for building your own Wing Chun dummy is about $106.56. The price can also change depending on the material you use. Building your own would save you a lot of money compared to the average of $520.67 if you buy a pre-built one.

When it comes to making a homemade Wing Chun mannequin, there are several options available to you.

The first is to try creating and building a wooden Wing Chun dummy.

Second, how to make a PVC mannequin with wings.

Some people think that making a wooden Mu Ren Zhuang is impractical.

However, this is not entirely true and others will say that it looks more aesthetic.

In general, however, you don’t have much to do with wooden or PVC mannequins, given the economic budget and practicality.

That said, it’s really up to you. Realize your DIY skills. In general, it is not that easy to make a homemade Wing Chun doll, but it is not very difficult.

You should be fine as long as you follow the instructions.

The large holes do not have a set length when they fit into smaller pipes.

To do this, you have to assess for yourself how long you want what you can personally do in a hardware store.

In general, this creation is said to cost around $30, and it doesn’t cost much. Replacing the creation of a wooden Wing Chun dummy can be done similarly.

However, I know it can also be a hassle to build your own wooden dummies just to save some cost. I know it can get hard for you to choose how would you get a wooden dummy.

That’s why I actually chose some dummies for you to choose from. I find that these are the ones that are good for their price.

However, I must note that this recommendation is good for beginners. I would not recommend a premium wooden dummy since they could get really costly. But these recommendations would also work for pros.

Wooden Dummies to Consider

Here are some wooden dummies from Amazon below.

SYNTECSO Wing Chun Dummy

What I like about Syntecso Dummy is not only does it has a low price, you can easily attach it to any punching bag because of its adjustable straps

Furthermore, they maintained their size to the traditional so it would be useful for pros.

For a beginner, I would also suggest getting this because it is good to start learning about the standard size as early as possible.

It can get hard to adjust to new sizes of wooden dummies in the long run.

Furthermore, it comes with a spring which prevents any injury in case you got some moves wrong while practicing.

It can also be easily detached and stored so it is perfect if you are in a small apartment or room.

Attachmate: Wing Chun Dummy Trainer

For a beginner, I would also recommend the Attachmate Wing Chun Dummy Trainer.

You can easily attach this to any punching bag which makes it easy to assemble and disassemble because its straps are adjustable.

However, in my opinion, I would still recommend Syntesco for its durability.

AugustaPro Wing Chun Dummy

“I thought you’re recommending wooden dummies, why am I getting attachable arms as a recommendation?”

Well here’s a real one for you.

The reason why I’m recommending a detachable one is that I actually prefer beginners to get something that can be easily stored.

In fact, I only recommend getting real ones once you are 100% sure that you like Wing Chun.

Buying a real one will make it hard to store once you’ve realized you’re not into Wing Chun. For the real practitioners, then I recommend AugustaPro for its price.

It might not be made from Teak or Southern Pine but for its price, you’re getting a fair deal.

Remember that getting something made from Teak and Southern Pine would obviously be better, but it would cost you about 10x than this one.

This item is a complete set with arms, legs, and striking pads which is all that you need for a wooden dummy.

So, considering its price, then I would go for this.

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