Why Jeet Kune Do is the best Martial Art.

Chances are, you are looking for what martial art to learn and wondered if it is worth studying Jeet Kune Do. If not, you are a practitioner and want to prove to your friends that you’ve studied the right martial art. I got you covered as I am going to discuss in this article why Jeet Kune Do can be considered as one of the best martial arts.

Jeet Kune Do is one of the best martial art simply because it is a unified version of multiple martial arts. JKD is a collection of the best moves from other martial arts which makes it effective in actual fights and matches. Furthermore, what makes it good is it is also a martial art that promotes respect for others.

In this blog post, I am going to show you why Jeet Kune Do can be considered as one of the best martial arts. Furthermore, we are going to discuss if it is good martial art to learn. Plus, its real-world application especially for real matches.

Why Jeet Kune Do is the Best

Jeet Kune Do is one of the best martial arts simply because it is not only an effective martial art but also a martial art that focuses on personal growth and development. Furthermore, it promotes freedom in which you can devise moves as long as it is considered to be effective.

Basically, Jeet Kune Do is a technique produced by one of the legendary martial artists Bruce Lee.

He introduced this method inspired by boxing, karate techniques, and Wing Chun style.

It is more than a fighting strategy. He calls it a philosophy that gives a new perspective towards life.

Its main principles include Simplicity, Directness, and Freedom. The key to JKD is the idea of intercepting your intent or opponent’s technique.

Jeet Kune Do is a philosophy that will give you a new way of life and style and techniques.

JKD is well known for its self-defense method, a combination of more than one martial art type.

It is considered best because it helps to find inner yourself and express yourself in an improved way.

Moreover, it is not confined to a particular set of rules.

You can devise rules accordingly depending on the situation. It is one of the best art for personal growth and development.

Jeet Kune Do celebrates cultivation and self-expression more honestly than any planned style.

Furthermore, it will strengthen your mind and make you physically strong and healthy. It also works on our emotional and spiritual development. These are facts that make JKD one of the best martial art.

Is it a good martial art to learn?

Jeet Kune Do is a good martial art to learn simply because it is a martial art that is a blend of the various martial art techniques. This makes Jeet Kune Do really applicable to real-life scenarios because they are focused on finding the best moves. Furthermore, it promotes change, unlike other martial arts that focus on tradition.

Thinking about learning Jeet Kune Do but not sure whether it is good as a martial art. Don’t worry, I will explain various factors that will answer all your questions and concerns.

Neither martial art is good or bad; it’s how you learn it and what your purpose behind it is.

Whether you are learning for self-defense, fighting, or some other purpose. Jeet Kune Do, is an applied philosophy rather than a style, involves a blend of various martial art techniques.

So, learning Jeet Kune Do would be very advantageous.

JKD is about watching things from more than one perspective and not limiting yourself to only one thing as karate, taekwondo, judo, etc.

This is what makes JKD great. It isn’t a martial art that always focuses on tradition.

If a move isn’t effective, you are free to use another.

Unlike other martial arts that don’t evolve because of tradition, JKD promotes and encourages change if it can become better.

It is not confined to a set of rules.

It’s all about figuring out what and how it works. You have to get yourself involved in various activities, training methods, and techniques in the process of learning.

Moreover, it helps you to express yourself and the way you think by your actions.

Staying mentally fit and physically stable is a dream that everyone wants to achieve.

JKD will help you defend yourself, change your perspective about things, and let you understand things differently. If you want to go beyond limits, then there is a lot for you in JKD.

The best part of JKD is that it includes your personal fighting style.

This will help you to learn a lot, grow and adopt new techniques and strategies. Its primary focus is on the philosophy behind it and fighting skills. 

Jeet Kune Do is what you make out of it. You are the only one who can make it work. So, it is a good martial art and a skill worth learning.

Is Jeet Kune Do still effective?

Jeet Kune Do is an effective form of martial art. Furthermore, it is perfect if you want to learn self-defense. Since Jeet Kune Do was made with actual combat in mind, you are going to learn a lot of moves which is effective in actual fights. This is what makes Jeet Kune Do different from other martial arts.

If you’re going to learn Jeet Kune Do but are concerned about its effectiveness, whether it is worth it or not. The following are some quick facts that will let you know either you should adopt it or not.

Bruce Lee created Jeet Kune Do and was inspired by the Wing Chun style.

It is not a complete copy of his techniques but also involves several other martial arts tricks and techniques as well.

It is not a traditional fighting method. It is a very modern technique that empathizes simplicity rather than strategies and is still used today.

JKD is the way of intercepting the fist.

This means that it should involve more of a striking type of match.

Although it tests your mental and physical health, it is actually a mind game.

It is inspired by other disciplines, Bruce Lee also added boxing and fencing to it to make it more effective.

Bruce Lee was a broad-minded man who was not in favor of sticking to a single way in fighting.

He changes his techniques according to the requirement. There are basically no hard and fast rules in Jeet Kune Do, which makes it more simple and effective to use.

You can adapt your own style based on your situation. Most of them were supposed to make your style more effective for real combat situations.

Because of its strong self-defense element, Bruce Lee also focused on some dreadful moves such as oblique kicks, one-inch punches, etc.

It can possibly break the opponent’s knee. They should only be used when someone invaded your private space.

The main goal in making this art was self-defense. It works well within street fighting.

Jeet Kune Do offers more variation and is perhaps more miscellaneous than other martial arts styles. And it is way more effective and also teaches all the basic principles of fighting.


Briefly speaking, Jeet Kune Do is an effective fighting style used so far because of its benefits and the best self-defense methods.

It is also useful when you are focused on close range and have excellent postures and footwork.

In this martial art, philosophy matters a lot more than techniques because it helps you control your mind accordingly and allow you to behave as a martial artist.

On a larger scale, JKD philosophy is obviously more critical now than ever before. This will not only help with fighting but also make you a good human being.

So, what is the conclusion?

If you want yourself to be mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically fit, then the crucial advice we will give you is to go and start learning Jeet Kune Do.

So, what are you waiting for now? Don’t waste your time and find yourself in an excellent school to learn Jeet Kune Do. We wish you Good luck!

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