Why Do Wrestlers Put Water in Their Hair? How Do They Do It?

We often see wrestlers like Triple H, Bret Hart, Roman Reigns, Undertaker, and Mr.Perfect come out of matches with wet hair. Triple H is even called Hydrated Hair Helmsley because of this look. So why do wrestlers put water in their hair? Are there benefits to this practice?

Wrestlers get their hair wet because wet hair looks better and makes moves more dramatic. Wet hair bounces, so strikes and takedowns can be seen in how the hair moves. Furthermore, putting water in their hair cools their head, as exposure to lots of bright light can lead to heat exhaustion.

This blog post will discuss why wrestlers get their hair wet. Furthermore, we will discuss how wrestlers achieve this look. Do they put only water, or do they put something else? Let’s find out.

Triple H with Wet Hair
Triple H with Wet Hair. Photo Courtesy of Krystal Bogner

Why do wrestlers get their hair wet?

Wrestlers get their hair wet because it looks better than dry hair. Dry hair is usually frizzy and dull. Furthermore, it doesn’t bounce as much as wet hair.

Since wrestling is a sport involving enticing the audience with flashy moves, wetting causes the hair to move more. This can help them gather more fans.

Furthermore, wet hair makes an impression that their hair has oils, which makes it look like they just got out of a hard workout. It’s psychological, but we tend to associate wet hair with excessive sweating from exercise.

We know that a hard workout at a gym might cause our hair to get wet, thanks to excessive sweating. Thus, we can sometimes associate wet hair with athletic ability.

Most wrestlers wet their hair for aesthetic reasons since wet hair is heavier, making moves more dramatic.

Dramatic movement is also the reason why many wrestlers have long hair. In addition, long hair can often bounce more than short hair. Interestingly, putting water in the hair further increases the bounce of long-haired people.

This is why a lot of wrestlers who put water in their hair are long-haired people. This is because wetting increases the bounce of their hair exponentially.

However, there is another reason why long-haired wrestlers wet their hair.

Water in the hair keeps it from getting to the eyes or mouth. Dry hair is hard to control, and there might be strands that get in their eyes and mouth, causing irritation. Thus, wetting the hair has a dual purpose.

It is also worth noting that wetting their hair prevents heat exhaustion, as wrestlers would have a match on a ring filled with intense light, which produces a lot of heat. Thus, wetting cools their head and prevents them from passing out due to heat exhaustion.

This intense light is also why you may see wrestlers get their hair dry just by having a long match. Unfortunately, this means they lose the aesthetics given by watering their hair.

The great news is that wrestlers have a way of retaining the wet look, which is what we will discuss in the next section.

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The Shield
The Shield with Wet hair. Photo Courtesy of Megan Elice Meadows

How do Wrestlers wet their hair?

Generally speaking, Wrestlers wet their hair by putting water via showering or pouring a water bottle on their heads. However, other wrestlers put in other things to make their hair look wet for longer such as baby oils, hair gels, and conditioners. Ultimately, their choice of the way they wet their hair depends on their purpose of wetting their hair.

We discussed the reasons why wrestlers put water in their hair earlier. These reasons are important as they tell how the wrestlers would wet their hair.

The easiest way is to keep the hair wet after showering, as wrestlers are required to shower before matches. This means they don’t need to blow dry their hair.

This is especially useful for wrestlers with long hair as water wouldn’t quickly evaporate on long hairs.

For short-haired wrestlers, the problem here is that water is still subjected to evaporation. Thus, it is common to see wrestlers dry their hair during the match, which leads to frizzy hair.

Once the hair becomes dry, it won’t bounce as much, reducing the aesthetic of wrestling moves.

Thus, some wrestlers use baby oil, which doesn’t dry as fast as water.

However, baby oil isn’t used by all wrestlers since it has been thought to trap heat on the scalp causing heat exhaustion.

Thus, is there a way to let water stay without using baby oil? Luckily, there is.

Roman Reigns, a shield member and a multi-time WWE Champion, answers this in a question from a fan when he was asked what he puts in his hair to keep it wet.

He answers that he puts conditioner with some water on his hair. The conditioner keeps the water stays longer.

Using a conditioner with water can help it last longer in the hair. Thus, they can get the benefits of cooling from water without evaporating quickly.

For wrestlers who wet their hair to prevent it from irritating their eyes and mouth, they put some gel with water. This makes their hair look shiny and wet while holding their hair.

The problem with long hair is that hair can easily block their vision or cause eye irritation. Thus, adding some gel or pomade can help the hair stay put while their hair maintains a wet look.

As you can see, there are many ways in which wrestlers put water on their hair. The important thing to note here is their purpose in doing so. As a general rule, they use water to wet their hair, but they can add more things depending on the goal. For example, conditioners help the water stay in the hair for longer, while hair gels can help it stay put, preventing eye irritation.

In conclusion, wrestlers put water in their hair for many different reasons. Some do it to help their hair stay put, while others do it to make themselves look more intimidating. Still, others believe that it can help them to stay cool and focused during a match. No matter the reason, it is clear that wrestlers take their hair very seriously!

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