Why do Wrestlers use Kendo Sticks?

If you try wrestling school, you might notice that weapons such as Kendo sticks aren’t used in matches. Thus, why do we often see Kendo sticks used in professional wrestling games such as WWE and ECW? Well, there are advantages to using Kendo sticks in Pro Wrestling that we will discuss in this post.

Wrestlers use Kendo Sticks because they are hollow and light, making them easy to use. Furthermore, these sticks produce a satisfying sound when used, which the fans love. Lastly, they can easily break, which prevents injury for the wrestler. Thus, many WWE wrestlers love using Kendo sticks as a weapon.

This post will discuss the benefits of using Kendo Sticks in a Pro Wrestling match. We will also talk about some instances where wrestlers used them and why Kendo sticks became so popular in Pro Wrestling.

Does WWE use real kendo sticks?

WWE doesn’t use a real Kendo Stick because the sticks used in Wrestling are made with hollow wood like bamboo. This makes their Kendo sticks lighter and easier to use than real kendo sticks. Real Kendo stick uses hardwood like red or white oak, which makes it more durable, heavier, and painful than the ones used in WWE.

There are lots of WWE fights where wrestlers come with a Kendo stick to entice the fans. This weapon is a fan favorite and has been since 1994.

Kendo sticks were popularized by ECW during a match between Sandman and Dreamer. When the dreamer lost, he had to take 10 lashes with a cane.

Fans loved the scene that the WWE started adopting the same weapon in their matches.

However, there were some modifications to make the sticks wrestler-friendly.

WWE Kendo stick is made of light and hollow wood, such as bamboo. These sticks are put together and tied with a cloth at both ends. Its hollowness helps it make the satisfying sound we hear in matches, reducing the harm it can do to wrestlers getting hit by the stick. This also makes the stick extremely light, making it easier for wrestlers to wield

These modifications made the sticks sound more while reducing the harm they could do to wrestlers.

The idea of using kendo sticks in matches was great that even the Chairman, Vince McMahon, used it in a match. See the photo below.

The Chairman uses Kendo Stick. Photo Credits to: WWE
The Chairman uses Kendo Stick. Photo Credits to WWE

Why does WWE use kendo sticks?

WWE uses Kendo sticks because the fans love the idea of using weapons in matches. In addition, kendo stick produces a unique sound that can be heard by anyone, which increases the viewership of WWE. Furthermore, these sticks don’t produce a lot of harm to the wrestlers since they break easily. Lastly, these sticks are easy to use.

So, let’s discuss why WWE uses Kendo sticks in greater detail.

Wrestling matches are scripted to the point that the winner will already be decided before the match.

While pro wrestling is a physical sport, it must follow some guidelines like the script and the PG standards.

The PG standard means that too much blood is often contraindicated. Thus, they need to find a way to entice the fans without breaking the rules on national television.

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This is where Kendo sticks come to play. These can reduce the harm given to wrestlers while enticing the fans with their satisfying sound.

They are also very easy to use since they’re light.

Remember that WWE Kendo sticks are made with hollow wood, which makes them light and easy to use.

Another benefit is that they don’t hurt as much as other weapons.

Wrestling Kendo Sticks are not that hard since they are made with pieces of bamboo that have been strapped with a cloth.

The cloth removes the sharp end of the bamboo which makes it safer for the wrestlers. This means fewer wounds for wrestlers.

Furthermore, since they aren’t extremely hard like real Kendo sticks, they don’t hurt as much as being battered with a real Kendo stick.

Since a cloth holds Kendo sticks, it breaks easily before causing severe injuries to the wrestlers.

Thus, breaking kendo sticks are pretty standard in Wrestling matches.

For example, there was a time when Charlotte Flair broke a Kendo Stick Attacking Rousey. See the photo below.

Charlotte Flair Breaks a Kendo Stick Attacking Rousey
Charlotte Flair Breaks a Kendo Stick Attacking Rousey. Photo Courtesy: WWE

If the fans love the sound of kendo sticks, they love it more when the sticks break.

Thus, the Kendo stick became a popular choice for professional wrestlers.

For WWE, giving the option of Kendo sticks to their wrestlers is a no-brainer.

So, with these in mind, who are the wrestlers that use Kendo sticks? That’s what we will discuss next.

Who used a kendo stick in WWE?

Many WWE wrestlers use Kendo sticks in their matches, such as Seth Rollins, Alexa Bliss, Eddie Edwards, Carmella, The Chairman, The Sandman, Becky Lynch, Randy Orton, Charlotte Flair, and Bryan Danielson.

It is worth noting that Randy Orton loves using Kendo sticks. He has used it on many occasions. For example, in one match, Rando Orton battered John Cena with Kendo Sticks.

That’s why one memorable use of Kendo stick in my mind was when Bryan Danielson used a Kendo Stick to Yes-Lock Randy Orton.

That was like a reversed card on someone who loves using Kendo sticks. See the Photo below.

Bryan Danielson uses Kendo Stick to Lock Randy Orton
Bryan Danielson uses Kendo Stick to Lock Randy Orton. Photo Credits to WWE

There are lots of occasions in Wrestling where Kendo sticks are used. Even Vince McMahon, the former Chairman of WWE, used it in a match.

Breaking Kendo sticks are also a fan favorite such as when Charlotte Flair attacked Rousey with a Kendo stick. Flair was disqualified, but the fans loved the scene.

Another memorable use of the Kendo stick was when Eddie Edwards used a Kendo stick to Pumphandle Dreamer. For someone who doesn’t always use a Kendo stick, seeing it being used for a slam was eye-catching.

As you can see, Kendo stick is a dream come true for WWE as they have many advantages both for the wrestlers and the fans.

That’s why I expect to see more of this in the future.

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