15 Reasons Why Kids Should Try Wrestling: A Guide for Parents

Chances are, you’re a parent wondering if you should let your child try Wrestling. This post aims to give you the reasons why you should let your children try wrestling as a sport.

Your kids should try wrestling because it provides a way for your children to get some exercise in a fun way. Wrestling is also a fun way to teach respect, discipline, confidence, and independence. Lastly, child wrestling involves the full use of safety gear and complete supervision to minimize injuries.

This post will expand the benefits of taking wrestling school. Overall, I have 15 reasons why you should consider wrestling as a sport for your child.

Reasons Why Kids Should Try Wrestling Infographic

1. Wrestling Makes Exercising Fun

While most children are already energetic, getting exercise is an excellent way to keep them healthy. The problem is how hard it is to keep children doing exercise.

The most probable reason children don’t like exercise is that they aren’t having fun doing it.

As an adult, you might also realize how you need to force yourself into exercise. This is because exercising just for the sake of exercising isn’t fun.

Now, compare a martial artists enjoying their exercise sessions since they love what they do. They are consistent in exercising because they are having fun.

This is the same for your children. If you are wondering why they keep on looking at phone screens and don’t like going outside is most likely because they see looking at the screens as more fun than exercising.

Wrestling schools offer a way to make wrestling fun, as children can play with other children.

This means children could get the benefits of exercise while having fun.

1. Wrestling Makes Exercising Fun

2. Wrestling Improves Body Coordination

Wrestling involves a lot of complicated moves, from takedowns to locks and holds. These complex moves can improve the child’s body coordination as they slowly learn these complex maneuvers.

Wrestling generally involves doing your best to force your enemies to submit. In addition, it teaches proper positioning and the moves to escape your enemy.

Doing this involves a lot of complex moves, from the basic holds to complicated maneuvers.

That’s why teaching your child wrestling can improve their body coordination which is especially helpful if they want to try other sports in the future, such as basketball, football, Jiu-Jitsu, etc.

3. Wrestling Provides a Way to Spend Time Other Than Video Games

According to a survey done by SellCell, 42% of children spend 30+ hours a week staring at their phones.

That’s a lot of time that could be spent elsewhere.

If they’re using the 30+ hours to study and get better grades, then it doesn’t matter.

But most children spend this time on games that don’t benefit them.

Thus, many parents are thinking of ways to get their children out of their phones and do something better, such as exercising and socializing.

Luckily, Wrestling offers a way to help parents reduce this screentime.

Wrestling schools don’t usually use gadgets. Instead, children are taught discipline and let exercise while having fun playing with their classmates.

Sometimes, children just stare at their phones because they don’t have anything to do. Enrolling them in wrestling schools gives them a choice rather than staring at screens.

Furthermore, wrestling teaches disciplines such as food and weight control. The discipline they learned can be used on others, such as not letting themselves get hooked on phone games.

Wrestling Provides a Sense of Companionship

4. Wrestling Provides a Sense of Companionship

Children usually love playing with other children. The problem is with technology; the times when children go outside and play with other children are becoming rare.

This forced them to stay home doing nothing but studying and playing games.

However, we know that children should maximize their time since they won’t be a child forever. Thus, we need to do some things to help them enjoy their childhood.

Having a sense of companionship makes childhood better. Most of us have a childhood friend we still contact today.

Why not help them have these types of friends?

Wrestling schools offer a way for children to play with other children. This builds a sense of companionship as they endure hard exercises together.

They could also play and spar under the supervision of their teacher.

This sense of companionship can be something they would appreciate until their adult life.

5. Wrestling Teaches the Value of Hard Work

The reality is that life isn’t easy. There will always be obstacles along the way. But the good news is that hard work can almost always help us get past those challenging times.

Why not start teaching the value of hard work at a young age?

In wrestling school, children would undergo challenging exercises that feel rewarding once finished. They will experience how hard work can make them stronger and better.

Complex moves such as takedowns can be hard to understand at first, but once they know how to do them through hard work, they will appreciate their efforts.

Knowing the value of hard work helps them not only in wrestling but in their adult life. They would learn its value while having fun competing and playing with their peers.

This makes wrestling a great way to teach hard work.

6. Wrestling Strengthens the Body

The exercises in wrestling help children strengthen their bodies.

While young, they could get enough exercise to help them grow muscles.

This could improve their core body strength and posture, making them look more confident.

7. Wrestling Teaches Discipline

Almost all sport, like wrestling, teaches discipline.

Wrestling teaches discipline by forcing students to finish strenuous exercises and controlling their urge to eat junk foods to maintain a healthy weight.

Children are being taught to be responsible for their life. They have control over what they would eat and if it is healthy or not.

They are also taught that slight hardships such as exercising could be beneficial in the long run.

Discipline is a life lesson that they could learn in wrestling and carry until adulthood.

8. Wrestling Teaches Respect for Others

Respecting others is a crucial aspect of wrestling. Wrestlers should respect whoever they meet in the sport regardless of the person’s race, status, etc.

In fact, Before every spar, wrestlers are taught to show respect to their opponents and thank them for the opportunity to wrestle with them.

They would also learn how to speak the older people, such as their teacher and coach. This, in turn, teaches them to respect other people, such as their parents.

Of course, they are also taught to respect people that are weaker than them. This is often seen on wrestling spars, where they show signs of respect regardless if the person is weaker or stronger than them.

9. Wrestling Can Offer Scholarship

Good wrestlers often get scholarships to universities. With the rising cost of universities, wrestling could offer a way for children to prepare for their future.

However, this shouldn’t be the sole reason why children should go to wrestling school.

While wrestling schools at a young age give a person advantage for scholarships, they should go to wrestling school to have fun with other children.

But knowing this could happen is a massive plus since collegiate wrestling is widespread, with 49 out of 50 states practicing wrestling in schools.

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Acceptance of Loss
Acceptance of Loss

10. Wrestling Teaches the Acceptance of Losses

Most children tend to have a hard time accepting loss. Luckily, wrestling schools can teach children how to handle loss at a young age making children more resilient in the future.

I am also one of those who hate accepting loss. However, when I started martial arts at 7 years old, I faced numerous challenges, such as sparring with 10 or 9-year-old children.

Of course, I was always defeated since they were stronger.

Martial arts helped me handle this loss and kept me going. I exercised and practiced more instead of giving up.

I took this mentality to adulthood. That’s why I took a different career, even if it meant I would start over.

Wrestling teaching not only to accept the loss but how to respond to it properly.

It helps you think about how to practice to improve and win the next match.

It helps you cope and be resilient rather than give up.

We all hate losing, but it is inevitable. We can’t win all the time. With the losses we experience in wrestling, we learn to be resilient to handle future challenges.

11. Wrestling Improves Confidence

Wrestling teaches confidence at a young age. From the confidence, we feel when finishing a hard workout or applying what we’ve learned to win a spar, we start valuing ourselves due to hard work and dedication.

Confidence is hard to learn, especially if you’re someone who always looks down on yourself.

However, wrestling helps you get confidence through hard work.

Basically, the more you practice, the stronger you become. The stronger you become, the more matches you’ll win.

The great thing about this is Wrestling teaches you how to be confident in an authentic way. What I mean is being confident with a reason.

You are confident because you’ve worked hard to be better. You’ve conquered challenging tasks that are aimed to make you stronger.

The confidence we gain from practice is better than empty confidence.

Wrestling teaches us the value of hard work. Then hard work brings confidence.

12. Wrestling Makes a Person Independent

Wrestling teaches the value of independence, from learning from your mistakes to trying to learn new moves by yourself.

While complete supervision is present in Wrestling, it doesn’t limit a child to the lessons. They can learn new moves by themselves and learn from their mistakes.

Ultimately, they need to let their coach see these moves to prevent injuries. But this is an excellent start towards independence.

Wrestling teaches a person discipline, which eventually leads to independence. They will learn that pushing themselves leads to the maximum result.

They will learn that they are the only ones that can push themselves. As a result, they slowly become responsible and ultimately achieve independence.

13. Wrestling Provides an Energy Outlet

Children are very energetic and need something to let this energy come out.

Before, children could go outside and play with their peers the whole day. However, those were the old times.

With gadgets, children tend to stay at home doing nothing. This means they have no way to let spend their strength,

Luckily, wrestling schools can offer exercises and still provide how children play with their friends in the past.

It is a great way to help children spend energy socializing with their friends.

Ultimately, this leads to children being satisfied with how they spend their day.

Of course, most parents would be happy seeing their children doing something other than staring at a computer screen.

14. Wrestling Teaches How to Stay Calm in Pressure

The feeling of your first sparring session or a match can be stressful. Wrestling helps children experience this at a young age to prepare them for future challenges.

Life would be filled with pressure from exams, deadlines, etc.

The sad thing is being anxious at these times often leads to bad results. In fact, it is better to be calm in these situations since we can think better when calm.

Anger management is part of the training people gets with wrestling. They are taught how to remain calm under pressure.

Since wrestling also involves thinking a lot while sparring to predict your enemy’s moves, you must stay calm under pressure.

The great thing is this skill can be used in other aspects of life, such as deciding on a deadline or reporting to a crowd.

15. Wrestling Can Help You Get More Quality Time With Your Kids

Perhaps, the best thing about bringing your children to wrestling school is the quality time you’ll have with your children.

You will have an excuse to be with your child as you bring them to and from school, and you can play and wrestle with them since most children love wrestling.

These reasons make wrestling a good choice for children.

The only downside of wrestling is injuries because it is a physical sport. However, the risk of injuries is low since children are often required to wear a complete set of safety gear, and they always practice under a supervision of a trained teacher.

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