Why is Spitting Common in Wrestling? Why Wrestlers Spit Before and During a Match?

Have you ever wondered why some wrestlers spit in bottles? There are also times when you can see some spitting in Pro-wrestling, such as WWE. They even use it before and during a match. Spitting before and during a match each has a different purpose which we will discuss here.

There are many reasons why Wrestlers spit. One of the most common reasons is to quickly cut water weight so they can pass the weight control. Some spit on their soles to prevent slipping, while some use it to make an illegal wrestling move called the Asian Mist.

This blog post will discuss the reasons why Wrestlers spit in greater detail. Basically, we will cover everything from cutting weight to the Asian Mist. I will also cover the types of Asian mists and a basic Asian mist recipe.

Why do Wrestlers Spit?Why do Wrestlers Spit?
Why do Wrestlers Spit?

Why do Wrestlers Spit?

Most Wrestlers spit on a bottle as a part of weight management. Spitting can quickly reduce water weight so they can pass the weigh-in before a match.

Perhaps the most common reason why Wrestlers spit is to cut weight fast.

Spitting is generally like urinating. It helps you lose water weight fast.

However, it is worth noting that cutting weight via spitting isn’t a good long-term strategy.

But why is spitting not an excellent long-term strategy for weight control?

Spitting isn’t good for long-term weight control since we can instantly get the weight back by drinking water. Furthermore, it is hard to spit a lot as we have a limit on how much saliva we can produce.

Thus, spitting is common among wrestlers who didn’t pass their weigh-ins, as they can quickly reach their desired weight by spitting.

However, how much weight can we cut by spitting? Let’s discuss that next.

Can you lose water weight by spitting?

You can lose water weight by spitting since spit is mainly made of water. However, we can’t expect to lose a lot of water weight by spitting since humans have a limit on how much spit they can produce. Thus, spitting is usually done to cut weight, especially if the wrestler is only slightly above the required weight for their class.

As I said earlier, losing weight via spitting is limited.

As a general rule, the maximum weight a person can reduce by spitting is 1 pound. However, this means they have to spit on a 16 oz cup. This means it takes 16 oz of spit to lose a pound of weight.

But why 16 oz?

Saliva is mainly made of water. Its relative density is 1.004-1.009, which means a liter(about 34 fl oz) of saliva will weigh 1004 to 1009 grams(approximately 2.21 lbs).

To compare, a liter of pure water is 1000 grams(about 2.20 lbs).

As you can see, spit weighs more than water, but their weight difference is minimal. Thus, to lose a pound, you must fill a 16oz cup with saliva.

In short, 16 oz is equivalent to 1 pound.

However, take note that you can regain weight loss by spitting by drinking water. Thus, spitting is done if you need to cut weight in the weigh-in quickly.

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Why do Wrestlers Spit in the Ring?

As a general rule, most Wrestlers spit in the ring to wipe their feet or soles to prevent slipping. However, there are times when they spit to do the Asian Mist, which is an illegal Wrestling move. Currently, Asian mists are done depending on the match’s script.

Asuka Using Green Asian Mist
Asuka Using Asian Mist. Photo Credits to WWE

Some wrestlers are doing the Asian Mist, which is an illegal wrestling move. The goal of the Asian Mist is to temporarily blind the opponent by stinging their eyes.

Asian Mist is called Dokugiri, which translates to poison fog. Asian Mist can come in various colors, such as yellow, red, and green.

Here is a table summary of the different types of Asian mists and their purpose:

Asian Mist ColorPurpose
GreenMost Common, Temporary Blindness
RedSecond Most Common, Causes Burning Sensation to the Eyes
PurpleUsed as a Distraction
BlueCauses Drowsiness, Induces Sleep
YellowCan cause mild paralysis
BlackCan cause Blindness for Days or Weeks.
Asian Mist types and their purpose

As you can see, Asian mists are pretty dangerous. This is why using this is a prohibited move in wrestling.

Tajiri using Asian Mist
Tajiri using Asian Mist. Photo Credits to WWE

This is why it is hard to buy Asian mists in stores, and Wrestlers make their Asian Mist.

Most old wrestlers know how to make a basic Asian Mist. Here is a simple recipe for the Mist. However, I don’t recommend using it on anybody.

Basic Recipe for Asian Mist:

  1. One and  12 ounces Coconut Rum such as Parrot Bay or Malibu
  2. 34 ounce Melon Liquor, like Midori
  3. Sprite (or 7-UP)
  4. Pineapple juice

Please take note this is a recipe for the Green or the most common Asian Mist.

Other Asian mists use different ingredients. However, the majority is kept a secret as you can see the damage they can inflict on others.

Let’s have a little introduction to these basic ingredients. First, Coconut rum and Melon Liquor contain alcohol that can irritate the eyes.

Next, they add sprite and pineapple juice which contains acid, also an eye irritant.

To give some context, sprite and 7-up have carbonic acid while pineapple juice has citric acid.

There is a rumor that the red Asian Mist contains red peppers, which is why it is a stronger eye irritant than the green variety.

However, the most common reason why Wrestlers spit is to clean their soles. Dirt and sweat can cause their shoes to be slippery. Thus, spitting cleans their soles so they can avoid slips.

Some wrestlers also spit blood. However, since WWE is currently in the PG era, they aren’t allowed to show real blood on matches.

Thus, the blood spitting you see on matches isn’t real. But I also have to tell this since this is another reason why they spit.

Right now, you have a deeper understanding of why wrestlers spit before and during a match. You also know when wrestlers should spit to cut weight.

Lastly, you got introduced to Asian Mist, a wrestling move involving spitting.

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