How do wrestlers get under the ring?

Two wrestlers in a ring is a common sight at any wrestling event. But how do these athletes get under the ring when they have to leave the floor? Many fans have pondered this question for years, but I found how and why upon careful analysis.

Wrestlers get under the ring in two ways. One way is they get under the ring when the lights come off, and the other way is to get under the ring before the match starts. By doing this, they can surprise the audience and keep them entertained.

This blog post will talk about how wrestlers get under the ring. First, we will talk about how they do it and why wrestlers do these stunts. Then, finally, I will share a blog post where you can see what’s under the ring, so you will know how wrestlers feel when waiting for their turn to appear in matches.

How do wrestlers get under the ring?

How do Wrestlers get under the ring?

There are many ways wrestlers can get under the ring. However, they get under the ring for the same purpose, which is to follow scripts.

In one of my blog posts, I talked about how wrestling became fake. While wrestling becoming scripted or fake has a long history, the crucial thing to note here is the script.

Furthermore, wrestling schools have started to teach how to entertain people and follow scripts. These scripts are what they observe and are pre-written to engage the audience.

Thus, their appearance has been part of the script, and the easiest way to get under the ring is when they turn the lights out.

When lights are out, wrestlers see it as a chance to roll and get under the ring quickly. This can be done in seconds, so there is enough time not to let people see them.

However, this method is challenging since the wrestler only has seconds to go under the ring.

The good news on the wrestler’s part is that this method allows them to only stay under the ring for seconds or minutes.

I am implying that this is a piece of good news because the other method on how wrestlers get under the ring needs a lot of patience.

Some wrestlers don’t have enough speed or agility to get under when the lights are out and go under the ring before the match starts.

Imagine how hard it is to stay under the ring for hours until it’s your turn to come out.

This method of getting under the ring is more common than going under when lights go out since it is less risky.

Remember that once fans see wrestlers quickly going under the ring, fans would solve the mystery, and the entertainment factor will diminish.

That’s why most wrestlers and even the professional ones go under the ring and wait for hours which can be hard but necessary.

But that’s not all. There is another way wrestlers get inside the ring, which is easier.

During commercials, everywhere gets dark, and people are somewhat made to place more attention on the big screen.

At this moment, ring officials come out to change the ring floor to prevent the occurrence of infections and also arrange the ropes.

At this point, a wrestler can be dressed like an official, after which the wrestler slides underneath the ring to wait for showtime.

Later, I will talk about why wrestlers do this, but for now, at least you understand two ways on how wrestlers go under the ring.

Why do Wrestlers get under the ring?

Wrestlers get under the ring to follow the script, which is used to satisfy the audience with stunts and surprise them. This is because they find that wrestlers suddenly coming out of the ring can surprise and entertain the audience.

So, why would wrestlers wait for hours under the ring? I mean, waiting for hours and not doing anything can be incredibly dull.

Also, why would WWE pay wrestlers to stay beneath the ring?

The reason for all of this is the script. The script has one goal, which is to entertain the audience.

Scriptwriters have found out that one of the best ways to entertain fans is to surprise them with stunts or another wrestler under the ring.

By doing this, they keep the fans entertained, and the more fans watch the match, the more they can earn money.

That’s why wrestlers follow the script, go inside the ring for hours, and wait for their turn.

Doing this is a no-brainer for the entertainment industry, especially if it can entertain more viewers.

Through experience, they have found that surprising audiences with other wrestlers have been very effective in entertainment since they can’t see what’s under the ring.

Undertaker and Hornswoggle have stayed under the ring for entire segments of matches.

It’s a common spot for professional wrestlers, including Kane. While they’re not always visible on TV, most viewers will never see them.

But what do wrestlers feel under the ring? Since what’s inside the ring are steel beams, foam pads, and a ring structure of 20-foot planks of two-inch wood, there is nothing to do inside the ring, and it can be very boring. However, getting under the ring is necessary since it drives the entertainment factor.

But it’s also a win for wrestlers since while it may seem boring, they are compensated well for waiting.

So, it’s not that bad. Even if all they can see is darkness, steel beams, and foam pads, it’s not bad as they get paid for waiting.

Also, most fans would be surprised and cheer for them once they come out.

The fans are entertained, and the wrestlers are compensated, so it’s a win-win for everybody involved.

Getting under the ring has been one of the main stunts in wrestling for a reason. It works, so there is nothing wrong with using them to entertain the audience.

Since it became a key stunt in wrestling, it may stay there as long as people watch the sport.

As a quick recap, wrestlers go under the ring because it’s in the script.

Wrestlers need to find means of getting under the ring in two different ways.

One way is when the lights come off, and the other is to get under there before starting their match. They use this technique to surprise their opponents.

In going under the ring when the lights go off, they can choose to either quickly get under when the lights are out or go when in commercial when the rings are replaced.

Whatever the means, they have the same goal, which is to entertain the fans.

What’s next? How about knowing what’s underneath a wrestling ring? I made a blog post about the topic, and you can find it here: What’s under the wrestling ring?

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