Wrestling Ring: What’s Under Them and What They’re Made Of

Isn’t it fun when some wrestlers suddenly opened what’s under the ring and get something for the match? Isn’t it weird that they know where the items they need are, and they can get them in just a few seconds? But, what exactly are under the wrestling ring? What are they made of?

What’s under a wrestling ring are props that can be used to entertain or surprise the audience. They place the items beneath the ring for wrestlers to easily access props they can use for matches. Sometimes, there are other wrestlers beneath the ring for surprise matches.

In this blog post, we will talk about the things under the wrestling ring, why they put items under the ring, the materials used, and how wrestlers feel while waiting under the ring.

What is Under a Wrestling Ring?

A lot of people are curious to know about the space under the ring.

What’s under them are surprises we often see in matches.

What’s under a wrestling ring is a free space for storage.

The free space contains the items required during a match, including a chair to hit an opponent or a table to hit them.

The purpose of having that space is to give some surprise factor on matches.

Remember that Wrestling is an entertainment type of sport. This means sometimes; they need to surprise the audience with something unique.

That’s why it is common to see some crazy things below the ring to get the audience’s attention.

That’s why it is normal to see some crazy things such as fake or artificial legs, fire extinguishers, or other wrestlers to surprise the audience.

Any tool needed quickly during the competition is kept here.

Remember that majority of the Wrestling we see on TV is now scripted from the lines to the moves.

This includes the things underneath the wrestling ring.

Furthermore, getting some items from far away is boring. Imagine if a wrestler tries to go backstage to get a steel chair the time it takes to get those might bore the audience.

The distance connecting the ring and the opening to the offstage area can differ, occasionally with a long length separating both.

If a match needs to utilize ladders, steel cages, or other large items, some items and tools are also placed under the ring.

Since matches are usually staged, they know what things they need to put below before the match.

Often, there are also require some things to put the audience into awe. For example, you can also see some tricks, lights, or other people to put some curiosity with the audience.

These moments are commonly called choreography, in which another wrestler is said to be hidden beneath the ring to surprise the audience.

Even undertaker, a famous wrestler and maybe one of the respected figures in all wrestling history has spent incalculable hours while random competitions happen on top of him.

Do you wonder what these wrestlers feel underneath the ring?

To find that, we need to discuss what materials are being used in making a wrestling ring.

Materials used for wrestling ring

Generally, wrestling rings consist of steel beams and a wooden plank stage covered with canvas and foam padding. Furthermore, there is a suspension inside, making the ring bouncy. Lastly, these rings are surrounded by three-ring ropes made of natural fiber ropes covered in tape or rubber hosepipe.

The ring is around by three-ring ropes, shorter than contemporary boxing rings -with four ropes from the 1970s.

The substances used for the ropes vary depending on the ring constructed.

Some use natural fiber ropes covered in tape, whereas others employ steel cables wrapped around a rubber hosepipe.

In contrast to a boxing ring, the wrestling ring ropes are not intertwined.

The ropes are tensioned and held in utilizing the turnbuckles, which suspend on steel rings – it also supports the frame.

The tops of the turnbuckles in the ring are stuffed individually or with a hefty pad like a boxing ring for all three.  

A part of the mat widens beyond the ring ropes, referred to as the ring apron.

The uplifted parts of the ring are wrapped with a cloth skirt to prevent spectators from looking down.

There are usually steel steps around the ringside that athletes can use to come in and leave the ring.

All portions of the wrestling ring are often utilized as a part of various defensive and offensive moves.

Wrestling rings differ in size and shape, with most measurements ranging from 14 to 20 feet on each side.

The All Elite Wrestling and WWE employ a 20-foot ring, compared to Extreme Championship Wrestling and World Championship Wrestling in the past, and the Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling now using an 18-foot ring.

So if we talk about the materials, the insides of a wrestling ring are usually safe for people to stay there. However, the area is not entirely enclosed since it’s not fully sealed.

Air can get inside the ring, so staying inside for a long time is not that bad.

Furthermore, the size of the ring is enough and has enough space to make a wrestler comfortable staying under them.

We’ve already talked about the materials and what’s under the wrestling ring.

The following section is how wrestling rings are made.

How are Wrestling Rings Constructed?

Wrestling rings are constructed using four corner poles, four side poles, and a spring core. After that, they use steel beams and plywood to make the ring durable to take both wrestlers. Lastly, they make the ring bouncy to prevent injuries by using suspension mechanics or springs.

If we talk about the wrestling construction, each portion has four side poles, four corner poles, and a spring in the core; thus, constructors make an ‘X’ and, after that, put 10-foot beams 10 feet plywood.

So it can be easily fit in 12 feet van without any hassle.

But the current WWE ring does not use springs under the ring as many people think.

Several wrestling companies utilized some suspension mechanic or spring under the mats and canvas to absorb some of the effects of a throwing or falling athlete.

Wrestling promoters all over the world must have an alternative to make when building their ring.

First, springs must be soft and loose, creating a very easy landing for the superstar and absorbing much power.

This reduces the pain to a bare minimum when falling on the ring. Remember that the safety of wrestlers is one of the topmost priorities of professional Wrestling.

That’s why the ring floor is visually bouncing, and some criticize a lack of pragmatism in these situations.

While the second option is to have a tight, rigid ring that bounces less but has a greater effect on the wrestler’s body in competitions.

Furthermore, the latest ring design utilizes a special beam beneath the ring, which helps in a steel building that enables the ring to be flexible on the bearing and produce an effect that causes the whole mat to act as a spring, exclusive of the ring showing bouncy.

The main designer of the ring is responsible for the construction and metalwork; its main focus is steel components and making them as versatile and robust as possible.

What’s the size of a Wrestling Ring?

The size of a typical Wrestling ring is about about 16 to 20 feet (4.9 to 6 meters) at each side if measured from rope to rope. Different sizes are used depending on the type of professional wrestling promotion. For example, WCW and ECW use an 18ft ring, and AEW uses a 20ft ring.

So, for example, both the WCW and ECW used an 18-foot ring. At the same time, World Wrestling Entertainment has employed a 20-foot ring on the top of the scale.

Moreover, All Elite Wrestling employs a 20-foot ring, which makes a big difference in combat in the opinion of numerous fans.

Many people have argued over the years while other promotions are shifting from WWE to AEW and their big rings. As a result, some wrestlers look massively dwarfed.

The WWE has had a fair share of problems with their choice to use the ring, which gets up a large area and is very heavy to carry from show to show.


Hence, this was a piece of information from the world of Wrestling.

Numerous elements are used to make this rigid surface. And the space under the ring contains many items I have mentioned above, which are used during the match.

I hope this piece of information will help you to update your knowledge.

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