Do WWE Wrestlers Know the Outcome of Matches? | What are the Things Included in a Wrestling Match Script

Most of us know that WWE fights are scripted to make the fight more appealing with flashy actions. But what is intriguing is how much of the match is scripted. What consists of a Wrestling match script? Does it include who is going to win? Let’s find out.

Most WWE wins are scripted. This means the winner of the matches is already decided even before the match begins. However, some matches don’t have a decisive winner, especially the matches that aren’t related to a storyline determined by the WWE scriptwriters. Ultimately, the WWE CEO and chairman decide the winner of these matches.

This post will deep dive into this script. What are the things included in the script? How does WWE decide who will win the match? Do the announcers know who will win? Are there things not included in the script? We will discuss all of these in this post.

Do WWE Wrestlers Know Who is Going to Win?

Do WWE Wrestlers Know Who is Going to Win?

Generally speaking, WWE Wrestlers know who will win a fight since the winner is often included in the scripts given by WWE before a match. WWE announcers also know the outcome of the matches to keep them in line with the wrestlers. However, how the match will end is usually kept from the announcers to help them comment live on what they’re seeing.

It’s already common knowledge that WWE wrestling is staged and scripted. This includes who is going to win a match.

The outcome of a match has already been decided, and the announcers often know who will win the match.

However, others don’t know that how the match will end is often kept secret even to announcers. This helps the announcer’s comments to be authentic as they don’t know how the match will end.

So, do Wrestlers know how the match will end? Well, this depends on the wrestler.

If the wrestler is already experienced, there is no need to give a detailed script. Therefore, WWE could only provide a thin script indicating what they say and who will be the match winner.

Other than that, senior wrestlers could do what they wanted and how they wanted the match to end.

Senior wrestlers are good at impromptu where they can entice the audience without following a very detailed script.

For these wrestlers, there is no need for a very detailed script. Instead, they can do impromptu as long as they entice the audience.

However, learning that skill level in professional Wrestling takes years. Thus, the scripts given to most junior wrestlers tend to be more detailed.

The script can include who wins the fight, the final moves ending the match, and the whole act before the match.

Dialogues are also common in scripts. This includes what they will say and what their opponent’s replies are.

But this doesn’t mean that all wrestling matches have a predetermined winner.

Some wrestling matches, particularly those that aren’t related to a storyline, might not have a predetermined winner.

However, as a general rule, professional wrestling matches have a script with a predetermined winner.

A common misconception is that all Wrestling is like this, which isn’t true.

There are many types of Wrestling. Wrestling matches that have predetermined winners are usually from professional Wrestling. The Wrestling you see in school or the Olympics doesn’t have a predetermined winner as they aren’t scripted.

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With all of these in mind, the next question you might have is how would WWE decide who wins a fight?


How do they choose winners in WWE?

WWE chooses its winners through a meeting with script writers and the management. The supposed winner will be decided based on several criteria, such as skills and popularity. After careful deliberation, the winner of the match will be determined by the Chairman and CEO of WWE and will be placed on the script.

Deciding who will win a match isn’t an easy decision for WWE as it involves a deep-seated meeting and usually comes from the decision of their CEO and Chairman.

But, the winner of a match is usually debated by WWE scriptwriters and their management. Then, the WWE CEO will have the final say on who will be the winner.

Before, Vince McMahon would decide the match’s winner since he was the WWE CEO and chairman.

However, he already stepped down as the WWE CEO on July 22, 2022.

Thus, the winners would now come from his daughter, Stephanie McMahon, who became the co-CEO of WWE alongside Nick Khan.

As the new CEO of WWE, Stephanie McMahon would now decide who would win a wrestling match.

This would still mean that scriptwriters would also debate on who should win, and the final decision will be decided by Stephanie McMahon, the co-CEO of WWE.

But how does WWE choose the winner? Well, there are many things to consider that would let them decide who will win.

But the most crucial factor here is if the winner will satisfy the fans.

Remember that WWE’s goal is to entice its fans to watch more matches. Thus, they should be sure that the winner is someone the watchers want.

Thus, popularity, skills, and mic-performance are often the most important factors in determining who wins or loses.

Ultimately, the winner will always be someone the fans want to win. But, of course, there will always be exemptions to this rule.

With all of these, one might wonder if WWE wrestlers know Wrestling since they can make a weak one win based on the script. So let’s discuss that next.

Do WWE wrestlers actually know Wrestling?

WWE wrestlers actually know Wrestling, and being a good wrestler is one of the requirements to be a professional wrestler. However, knowing Wrestling isn’t enough to be a successful wrestler. Gathering and enticing fans are also important, which is a skill developed in WWE wrestling.

Scripted matches shouldn’t keep you away from WWE, especially if you want to be a successful wrestler.

In fact, being a professional wrestler isn’t as easy as it sounds.

To be a professional wrestler, you shouldn’t only know about Wrestling. You should also improve your social skills to have a better mic performance and acting skills to entice the crowd.

The best professional wrestlers aren’t only strong. They are also great actors.

This is what separates WWE from other wrestling types. WWE doesn’t only focus on strength but also the likelihood of the wrestler being unique and popular.

Of course, you will learn moves that are ineffective in actual fights. But that doesn’t mean you’ve lost the wrestling skills you’ve learned before trying professional Wrestling.

While the winners in professional Wrestling are predetermined, we shouldn’t take it lightly, as the training to be a professional wrestler can even be more challenging than other wrestling types.

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