Are Socks Worn With Wrestling Shoes? | Tips On How To Choose The Right One

More often than not, I always wear socks whenever I decide to wear any type of shoes.

It’s the way I was taught, but later, I knew socks are only sometimes necessary when you wear shoes. Does that include when you wear wrestling shoes?

Some wrestlers may wear socks with their wrestling shoes. Still, it is unnecessary because it is up to their personal preferences.

Often, wearing socks has become more of a swag show, especially high socks, known as fashion statements that can enhance top wrestlers’ stamina, confidence, and gamesmanship.

This blog post will unravel the truth behind using socks with wrestling shoes, its benefits, and how you will choose your own socks based on your needs.

Do Wrestlers Wear Socks With Wrestling Shoes?

Wrestling is a physically demanding sport requiring the right gear to make all the difference in performance.

For example, you may ask whether wrestlers wearing socks with their wrestling shoes affects their performance.

Well, most wrestlers like Kurt Angles, Riddle, and Big E wear socks with their shoes for branding and style purposes; however, in some states, like West Virginia, wearing socks is mandated for obvious hygienic reasons. 

Wrestling requires a lot of physical performance and energy, making wrestlers’ feet sweat, feel sticky, and smell bad.

To solve this, wearing socks is needed to absorb and minimize odor during their performances.

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It is a hygienic practice that also adds sophistication to their appearance, especially if they wear high-up socks. 

Moreover, it’s an added soft cushion under their ankle to lessen tension and strain on their feet while wrestling.

Now that we know that most wrestlers wear socks let’s find out if it is necessary in the next section.

Should Socks Be Worn With Wrestling Shoes?

Since I was a kid, I always believe that socks and shoes go hand in hand.

They’re like a match made in heaven, but little that I know, some people don’t follow that rule.

So, does that apply to wrestling shoes?

Wrestling shoes should be worn with socks for hygiene purposes and to increase wrestlers’ stamina and comfort under their feet.

It also helps prevent blisters from prolonged and intense wrestling rounds.

Most wrestlers wear wrestling shoes with their preferred pair of socks.

In fact, some of them wear customized pairs of socks to add fun to their outfit and pair it with the color of their team. 

In fact, it’s a fashion to have a bold statement written on the socks too.

Additionally, it would give them an extra fit by restricting their foot movement when they make quick movements. 

Now, let’s learn how to choose the right socks for wrestling.

What are the best socks to wear with wrestling shoes?

There are specific criteria for selecting a good pair of socks because it will directly affect their performance. 

Here I have selected five factors to help you choose a suitable pair of socks for yourself.

1. Reliable Brands for Sportswear

While selecting a good pair of wrestling socks, always go for a well-known brand name to order your matching socks. 

Renowned names like Nike make footwear and sports gear that keeps the athlete’s needs at the top of their priority. 

Therefore, buying any socks without knowing their material would result in discomfort. 

In addition, you might get allergies from a random socks material, so you better check what you buy correctly.

2. Comfortability at its finest

The most important factor while selecting a wrestling sock is whether it is soft and comfortable. 

Is it thick enough to give more padding to your barefoot wrestling shoes while maintaining breathability?

Most athletes prefer wearing a blend of different materials that are woven together. 

But, at the end of the day, what’s the purpose of wearing socks if they are uncomfortable?

4. No Ankle Socks, Please

All the wrestling shoes have a high collar that rubs against their legs above the ankle area. 

So when you wear ankle socks, the wrestling shoes top touches that area repeatedly and can cause bruises and blisters at the site.

Therefore wearing ankle socks must be avoided because the tight ankle collar feels even tighter when you lace up the shoes. 

5. Maintain Socks Swag

Long wrestling socks have become a great way for self-expression. 

You can go creative by using colors that match your footwear or add some text on the long socks for customized slogans.

Various colors on the socks and design make you look trendy, and a nice slogan may help lift your team’s spirit.

6. Quality Material Is A Must

The material and quality of the socks matter the most for a professional athlete. 

Besides comfort and support, the material must be suitable for all skin types. 

Most good brands manufacture socks using natural materials like cotton or synthetic materials like nylon, polyester, acrylic, and spandex.

For extra cushion, polyester socks are recommended.

On the other hand, cotton and sometimes even a blend of a few materials are ideal because they can prevent heel slippage in wrestling shoes.

Next, after learning the best socks to wear with your wrestling shoes, let’s dive deeper into their benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Socks With Wrestling Shoes?

Wearing socks is not only for the fashion statement, personality identifier, and branding but for hygiene and comfort.

Increased personal hygiene would top my list among the many benefits of wearing socks with wrestling shoes because it gives an athlete a professional dressed-up look.

It absorbs enormous sweat in a physically demanding game like wrestling; thus, it will reduce the bad smell on a hot summer day. 

Additionally, the different colors of professional players’ socks are a great way to express personal style. 

As you can see, many players wear colorful socks as an artistic statement.

Lastly, it adds comfort in wrestling shoes where you don’t have any cushioning underneath your feet. 

Adding a layer of soft socks would increase fit and stability too.

So now it’s your turn to choose the right one for you, but how?

How To Choose the Right Socks For Wrestling Shoes

Choosing the right socks seems to be an easy task, but there are some things that you should also consider.

Here are three things to look for when choosing the right wrestling socks for you:

  1. Getting your socks from the same brand where you got your wrestling shoes is best. If you want the best-fitting shoes, buy a pair from Nike, Adidas, or any other nice brand. 
  2. Choosing a breathable and comfortable pair of socks would be best. You can only feel fresh if the wrestling shoes and socks are made up of breathable material. 
  3. Last but not least, they should not retain the moisture in their feet to keep you fresh and dry.

Wrapping Up!

Socks are worn with wrestling shoes because it is a wise choice to wear them for your hygiene. 

As a player, you want to investigate the tiniest details of your sports gear.

And it’s the right approach if you aim to maintain long-term fitness and comfort by choosing the right wrestling socks. 

You see, wrestling socks are a great way to add comfort and style while protecting the feet for long wrestling games from bad odor, sweat, and injuries.

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