Wrestling mats: why are they so expensive?

A wrestling mat can be used in practicing wrestling, judo, jiu-jitsu, or any form of combat sport. But, unfortunately, there’s a high cost of owning a wrestling mat. That’s why some of you would ask why wrestling mats are so expensive?

Wrestling mats are expensive because of their high cost of materials, type of mat, and their manufacturer. In addition, since wrestling is a type of grappling sport, special mats are used because the mats need to be very durable while providing comfort for the users. In fact, the price for a competition-approved wrestling mat starts at around $800.

Before answering that question for you, we’ll have to take a little ride and know what these mats are made from and how much they cost. So, without further ado, let’s get down into this.

Why are Wrestling mats so expensive

What are wrestling mats made from?

In general, wrestling mats are made from foam. High-quality mats have the best foam material, either made from PVC rubber nitrile or vinyl which offers both durability and comfort to its users. On the other hand, some cheaper wrestling mats are only made with low-quality foam materials.

Whether you’re a newbie or a professional wrestler in the wrestling world, wrestling mats are an essential part of the training.

Wrestling itself consists of lots of falling, pinning, rolling, and with all these activities, the perfect mat has to be there to avoid injury while wrestling.

Let’s have a little chat about what makes a quality wrestling mat; its foam.

Great wrestling mats with good shock absorbency are made of PVC rubber nitrile, also known as cross-linked polyethylene foam or actual vinyl.

Cross-linked Polyethene Foam Mats

The name “Cross-linked” is from the grid-like material used, making the foam flexible and fit for heavy impacts.

With its shock-absorbent feature, this material can endure high pressures and still regain its original shape.

Though it is stiffer than other foam materials, it is amazingly flexible.

Real Vinyl Foam Mats

Aside from the shock-absorbent foam used, manufacturers take an extra mile to use a rigid vinyl top.

This move adds more durability to the mat.

How much are wrestling mats?

As a general rule, the official regulation size wrestling mats would cost around $6,800 – $8,000. However, smaller wrestling mats cost around $3 to $3,000 depending on what material the mat comes from and its use. Mats made for competition purposes would usually be more expensive than mats made for casual use.

Prices of wrestling mats not in official regulation size range from $3 to $3,000 and even more.

It all depends on the type of mat you want and the main reason for purchasing it, either for home use, school use, or competition.

Below is a list of wrestling mats and the estimated prices for you to purchase them.

Mat TypePrice Range
1″ MMA Mats$3 – $4
Home Wrestling Mats$120 – $140
Custom Cut Home Wrestling Mats$450 – $550
Competition Wrestling Mats$1,650 – $3,000
Crash Mats$600 – $800
Landing Mats$380 – $450
FlexFit Home Fitness Mat$65 – $75
7/8″ Judo Mats$4 – $6
Folding Landing Mats$175 – $250
42″ x 42″ Official Size Mat$6,800 – $8,000
Table Summarizing Numerous Mat Types and their Price

Right here is a comprehensive table of the wrestling mats and their price range.

So do well as to get one that will fit the activity you intend on using it for.

A standard home wrestling mat won’t be that durable to be used as a school wrestling mat.

Why are wrestling mats so expensive?

Due to the nature of wrestling, wrestling mats are important to prevent abrasions and comfort to users. Thus, it is placed at a higher price.

This is because of the materials used in manufacturing them.

The foam and covers are pretty expensive.

The foam is costly because of the manufacturing processes, while covers are expensive because they are made out of heavy-duty materials to withstand the pressures of the game.

These heavy-duty materials are pretty much expensive.

Wrestling mats need to absorb much impact and compression without getting spoilt over time and becoming completely useless.

So they are made out of high–quality materials for durability.

On average, a 42 x 42 sized mat will cost between $6,800 and $8,000.

This is the official regulation size of all wrestling mats, and it’s pretty much expensive.

The high cost depends on the materials used in manufacturing the mat, the type of mat, and the manufacturer.

You can’t get a kick boot from Adidas same price as that from Nike.

We’ve got different wrestling mats for the type of mat, ranging from rollout mats to folding and landing mats.

1. Roll-out Mats

Rollout mats are the most popular option for commercial gyms.

These are the ones you will see people rolling around the floor.

There are easy to install and also store.

Rollout mats are heavy-duty mats that will always stay put through your high-impact wrestling matches or workouts.

Aside from the high-duty feature, these mats are also shock absorbent and have a non-slip vinyl topping.

2. Folding Mats

These mats are great for school gyms, studios and can be used as home mats too.

There are pretty easy to work with and have an easy installation procedure.

Folding mats are covered with a long-lasting vinyl coating and a Velcro tab system at the four sides to protect more extensive layers.

3. Landing Mats

Landing mats are manufactured at 8″ – 12″ thick, these mats are undoubtedly the ideal choice for stunt practice mats and more comfy landings.

As you can see, 8″ to 12″ can look very thick for a mat. This is simply because landing mats are very thick compared to your typical rollout mat.

These mats have a built-in mesh that releases air upon landing, providing the best level of shock absorption.

These mats are great for athletes who want to start practicing professional moves that might have you falling often.

In addition, these mats are made with compression foam encased in durable vinyl, providing excellent cushioning and protection for your joints against injury.

Now that you know the different wrestling mats we’ve got, let’s compare the casual rugs.

4. Classic Mats

Classic mats are the most popular mats and can be used for both training and in competitions.

Schools often use these mats, and they comprise thick padding that protects your body from different wrestling maneuvers.

Prices of these mats range from $500 – $2,000. Mind you, you can even see these mats at higher prices.

5. Lightweight Mats

Unlike classic mats, lightweight mats are made for home-training sessions and friendly competitions or private tournaments.

These mats are designed for portability and easy storage. They can be rolled up and transported to a new location.

A significant advantage of a lightweight mat is that you’ve got the liberty to customize the size and thickness of the carpet according to your needs.

The cost of this mat starts from $600 and above.

6. Competition Mats

Though classic mats are used for competition, they do not attain the required thickness or size of mats allowed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

The competition mats are used only for competitions.

Having a standard thickness of 1-5/8″, these mats are expensive.

The price starts at $800, but since the mats are available in larger sizes, the cost price might be more.

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