Do Wrestlers Need to be Strong? Should Beginners Be Strong Before Trying Wrestling?

One of the stumbling blocks of people who want to try Wrestling is their physique. I can relate to this since, before I started training, my schoolmates constantly bullied me. So I knew I was weak, and trying a physical sport which includes facing strong enemies, can be scary. Thus, I decided to write this post to help others who want to try Wrestling but are doubting themselves if they have the means to succeed.

Wrestlers need to be strong since Wrestling needs the power to outmaneuver their opponents. However, beginners aren’t required to be strong, as body conditioning and strengthening are part of the training regimen. Thus, strength shouldn’t be an issue for beginners who want to try Wrestling.

This post will discuss if strength is necessary for Wrestling. We will also discuss why it is not required when starting. This post aims to help people who would like to try the sport.

Do Wrestlers Need to be Strong?

Do You Have to be Strong to Wrestle?

You have to be strong to win a wrestling match. This is because Wrestling involves the whole body. Lower body strength is responsible for balance, the middle body is responsible for explosive movements, and the upper body is responsible for pulling motions. Thus, power is very important for wrestlers who need it to win a match.

When I first tried martial arts, I was weak and couldn’t even do much. I get exhausted fast.

Plus, I was bullied in school. Nevertheless, this didn’t stop me from trying Wrestling.

Wrestling is one of the few sports which requires the whole body to win. Therefore, you need strength in your lower, middle, and upper body.

Unlike other sports, Wrestling also involves a lot of pushing and pulling motion. Thus, it needs full body coordination.

Plus, Wrestlers need a lot of cardio since using large muscle groups is very tiring.

Contrary to what others say, I know many matches are based on who has more stamina. Thus, Stamina training is crucial for Wrestling.

But why would someone like me, who was weak and bullied at school, try Wrestling? Well, I want to get stronger.

And I am glad that I took Wrestling as I felt stronger.

While strength is necessary for Wrestling, you can train to be stronger.

This is why many say that Wrestling training is too hard. Well, it is because it strengthens your whole body.

The training requires full body conditioning, strengthening, and cardio workouts.

Thus, a beginner doesn’t need to worry about strength when starting since we can improve our strength with training.

I would also like to add that Wrestling requires more mental power than physical, as you need to think a lot to outsmart your opponents.

Plus, the match will depend on your mental strength when you get exhausted.

Thus, the training you get in Wrestling isn’t only aimed at strengthening your body, it would also make wrestlers mentally stronger.

So you don’t need to worry about strength at the start. It only matters in competitions, and you wouldn’t go to competitions without strengthening.

Of course, starting Wrestling can be embarrassing if you’re weak. But trust me, 90% of the people there understand that you’re a beginner. Thus, they wouldn’t mind.

Plus, they are already thinking about how to improve themselves. They don’t have time to think about others.

But what if we can do something to be stronger before starting? You’re lucky because I didn’t have a guide like this before. Let’s discuss that next.

Leg Training

Does Strength Matter in Wrestling?

Strength matters in Wrestling. However, strength isn’t the only thing that matters because mental strength, agility, techniques, and stamina are also necessary. Thus, the ones who usually win have a balance of these five. A wrestler who has superior techniques can win against someone stronger than them.

We know that while strength is necessary, you don’t need to be a wrestler to start wrestling.

Stamina, mental strength, techniques, and agility are also necessary.

Thus Wrestling needs a balance in all these aspects to win.

However, I understand that not everyone can take being the weakest in their gym or club. Thus, they want to be prepared before their first day of Wrestling.

Luckily, many Wrestling tutorials online teach you the basics, so you don’t have to be a complete beginner on your first day.

If you want to improve your strength, there are many body conditioning workouts online.

You might also consider cardio training, as large muscle groups are often used in Wrestling. Thus, you will tire fast.

The problem is, where should you watch these training videos? When learning Wrestling at home, you should know the proper techniques, as it is often harder to replace bad habits.

The great news is I’ve got you covered since I prepared a list of training videos you can watch to train before signing up.

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Will Wrestling Build Strength?

Wrestling would build strength as their training involves a lot of body conditioning and strengthening. Furthermore, Wrestling would also strengthen your mental toughness and agility. Thus, trying this sport is a great way to get strong while having fun.

Of course, if you’re thinking about being jacked up, Wrestling wouldn’t give you the body of a bodybuilder.

However, Wrestling can improve your physique to a certain extent as the training involves a lot of body-strengthening exercises.

Furthermore, you would always get a full-body workout in Wrestling.

In fact, increasing body size is part of the training, as strength is essential in matches.

As proof, Wrestling training is usually done three days a week to allow muscles to grow.

Thus, Wrestling would build your muscles. However, it wouldn’t build your muscles as much as bodybuilding which focuses on building bigger muscles.

Wrestling is a balance of agility, stamina, mental toughness, strength, and techniques. However, this sport isn’t solely based on strength.

However, Wrestling would improve your physique to a certain extent due to its training.

With all of these, I hope I gave you hope if you’re worried about starting Wrestling because of strength. Don’t worry; the training will make you stronger, and people will understand that beginners aren’t strong from the get-go.

But if you’re still worried, you could practice at home before going to a gym or club. Feel free to use the resource I recommended as a start.

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