Can You Learn Wrestling On Your Own at Home? Yes, and Here’s how

Sometimes, it can be a hassle to go outside and learn wrestling. Thus, many wonder if they can learn wrestling from the comfort of their home. Well, the truth is, with various online instructional videos and lessons, it is easy to learn wrestling at home, provided you know what you’re doing. Furthermore, you can learn wrestling for free without spending a single dime.

You can learn wrestling at home and on your own, provided that you’re using the correct training materials. There are many great resources to learn wrestling online in the comfort of your home, which is free. However, since the training is online, you should be willing to learn because no one will force you to take the lessons.

This blog post will give you a comprehensive guide on how to learn wrestling at home. In addition, this post will recommend online courses, both free and paid. Furthermore, I will discuss some things you need to avoid injuries and ensure fast learning.

Can You Learn Wrestling 
On Your Own at Home?

Can you teach yourself wrestling?

You can teach yourself wrestling because there are lots of online resources that can teach wrestling from its basic to advanced moves. The challenge is to find great resources since it is easy to learn wrestling provided that you are using the correct learning resources.

In the internet age, learning wrestling at home is easy since there are many online wrestling courses.

However, finding the best course for you is challenging, as using the wrong resource can slow down your learning.

Or worse, you might learn the wrong things, which can be hard to change in the future.

But don’t worry. I compiled a list of resources you can use. Some are free, so you can learn wrestling without spending a single penny.

Here are the sources where you can learn wrestling, both free and paid.

ResourceTypeFree or Paid?Short Introduction
East BayYoutube ChannelFreeEast Bay is one of the world’s leading suppliers of athletic shoes, clothing, and equipment. However, they also have free wrestling lessons for beginners. If you’re starting, you can start learning the basics with their playlist, “Wrestling How-To’s with Jordan Burroughs” where you will learn basic moves for free.
Fundamental WrestlingYouTube ChannelFreeI believe this channel is very underrated as it is one of the best free resources for wrestling you can find on YouTube. This channel will teach basic moves from basic stance to double leg takedowns. If you have the time, check their wrestling tutorials for free.
fightTIPSYoutube ChannelFreeIf you’re interested in trying MMA, then this channel is the right one for you. They combine some wrestling techniques and how it applies to MMA fights. I enjoyed watching their “Wrestling & MMA with Bubba Jenkins,” where he teaches the application of some wrestling moves in MMA. In this channel, you’ll learn from basics takedowns to getting creative with your fighting style.
coachtubeCourse WebsitePaidcoachtube is a site where instructors upload their paid courses. This site has many lessons you can choose from basic wrestling to freestyle wrestling. If you pick this, I recommend trying The Dynamic Wrestling curriculum. I chose this because the classes are well paces. This link isn’t sponsored, and I don’t earn money recommending it. I just think it’s a good course, so I want to share it with you.
Purler WrestlingOnline Academy and Youtube ChannelFree and PaidIf you want a legit online wrestling school, I recommend trying Purler Wrestling. They include free training on their YouTube channel, and you can enroll on their website to get premium content. Overall, they teach more than 6,000 techniques and about 300 different wrestling skills. They have students who became Jr. World Champion, World Silver, and NCAA All-American Champions. This is also not sponsored.
Wrestling MovesPhone AppFreeWrestling Moves is a free app you can download on your phone. It provides basic guides such as text and video lessons on how to do basic wrestling moves. It also has recommendations on the first moves you should learn as a beginner. Overall, a great resource for starters but not great for learning advanced moves.
Free and paid online courses and training for wrestling

Feel free to choose between these courses.

While we already have the resource on where to learn wrestling, please don’t think that it’s time to open the tutorials and start learning.

The difference between training at home or a gym is the tools you can use for training.

While we don’t need to spend on training, tools are necessary to ensure you learn fast and avoid injury.

But what are the things you need to learn about wrestling at home? Well, let’s talk about that in the next section.

Things you need to learn Wrestling at home

Here are the things you need to learn Wrestling at home.

1. Wrestling Mat

Wrestling Mat

The most important thing to have when training at home is wrestling mats.

Wrestling mats are essential if you want to learn wrestling at home because they provide a cushion since wrestling is a grappling sport.

This cushion reduces injury and ensures you can train for longer.

Remember, the longer you train, the faster you’ll improve.

Of course, the prices of these mats vary depending on their type and size.

The good news is that I made a comprehensive pricing guide on wrestling mats to ensure you are getting a great deal. So, if you’re interested, here is the link: Why are wrestling mats so expensive?

Puzzle and yoga mats can also work as a substitute for wrestling mats since you’re only starting. But it would be best if you replaced them after learning the basics as they aren’t as durable as wrestling mats.

Puzzle and yoga mats are a great way to provide comfort as they cushion you against the floor.

However, these moves can break regular mats once you learn advanced moves. Therefore, this is the time you should opt for a wrestling mat.

Or you can start using these mats right at the start.

2. Instructional Videos

Don’t forget that your interest in learning is only a part of the equation.

With the sea of tutorials, you can find on the internet, you can learn from the wrong resource, and the bad thing is that once these wrong moves become your habit, it may be hard to replace them with the correct ones.

That’s why I included recommended resources above and chose them to ensure that you are learning the right things.

Using suitable instructional videos will make a big difference in results. So, choose wisely.

The good news is that I narrowed the things you can choose from to just 5.

3. Sparring Partner

While you may learn wrestling at home by yourself, having a sparring partner will dramatically speed up your progress.

However, this is optional; I only included it if you have one.

When practicing with a sparring partner, you will find out if the move is effective or not.

It is also easier to determine if you are making a move correctly.

But as I said, this is optional, and you can learn wrestling alone.

With all these in mind, let’s go on my tips to help you learn wrestling at home fast.

What is the best way to learn wrestling?

The best way to learn wrestling is to practice with a partner or yourself. If you’re practicing with a partner, analyze if your moves are effective or not. If you’re practicing by yourself, shadow wrestling is a great way to master the forms at your home. Wrestling is a physical sport, so you need to learn it while doing it.

Sadly, learning wrestling isn’t watching all the tutorials you can find on YouTube.

Even if you use the best resource you can find online; you can’t replace learning wrestling by doing the moves yourself.

The good news is that the online courses have done an excellent job for you to try the moves without the need for a sparring partner.

You will learn wrestling only by practicing it.

Let me give an example.

I have a friend who has been a big fan of wrestling since childhood. He knows all the moves and how it looks on TV.

However, that doesn’t mean he can go to a wrestling match as he doesn’t know how to use them in actual matches.

Watching the moves is important but ensure that you are also doing them since muscle memory is essential in wrestling.

Practicing wrestling on your own is called shadow wrestling. Continue shadow wrestling on your mat until you learn a specific move.

If you can, practice the moves one at a time. Ensure that you have already learned the move before trying a new one.

Overall, wrestling is all about practicing. Shadow wrestle until you can make a move without thinking.

Lastly, ensure that you are following the correct form on the moves. It is hard to change bad habits. Using the proper form and posture right at the start is safer and more effective.

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